Sunday, August 03, 2008

Please stop CCing us your Patrick emails

It's not likely most of the people who are, a week after the fact, only just now seeing last week's show involving Patrick Greene will read this first. But in any event, as we mentioned on the show today, emails from our viewers criticizing Patrick are still pouring in, and they're still being sent to the AE TV show email address as well as to him. We'd just like to say, while we're amazed at the overwhelming reaction, we're pretty much past the whole Patrick debacle now. So if you still want to write him, fine. Just don't copy it to us, okay? Matt and I are a little weary now, and probably the rest of the team are as well, to the point where if we see any email with "bumper sticker" or "lawsuit" in the subject line, we simply delete it. The message has been loud and clear, Patrick apparently has already decided all of you are fools and cowards anyway, so it's time to move on.


  1. I was out of town and away from the computer over the past week, so I had just gotten around to watching last week's episode. So, this came a day too late before my CC ;)

  2. Thanks for helping to put an end this individual's 15 minutes of fame ... he had 15 minutes more than I'd prefer :-(

  3. He's a piece of work. He does this EVERYWHERE not just with Atheism. He is married to my Aunt...whom I don't speak with anymore and I have had to block his email address because of his harassment towards my mother and myself. Just ignore him he'll eventually go away if you don't encourage him; hopefully anyway.


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