Saturday, August 09, 2008

Okay, so I'm giving this Atheist Nexus thingy a try

The last time an atheist-centric social network was attempted — that would be Dawkins Social — it was so ineptly put together and unattractive I just gave up on it. A shame, because Dawkins is the world's most visible atheist celebrity (if you don't count people even more famous for things other than their nonbelief, like Jodie Foster and Angelina Jolie), and having his name as a kind of godless gravity well around which the online atheist community could orbit made sound marketing sense, I suppose. But the whole thing was just badly designed, and I can't be bothered to log on (which I haven't done in over a year) to see if they've fixed it. (And in any case,'s forum is succeeding where the social network failed, I think.)

Along comes Atheist Nexus, another social networking time waster. But hey, these things are free, and if this one is better put together than Dawkins Social, I'm happy to give it a shot. And if it proves silly and useless, I can just forget it, like I very quickly learned to forget Twitter. So there's a buttony thingummy to my profile, where those of you also attending the party can friend me if you choose.

View my page on Atheist Nexus

Addendum: Well, the friend requests have been steadily coming in over the last few hours, including lots from fans of the blog/show I haven't met yet, which is nice to see. And there appear to be a lot of active groups, too. So this one might work out.

Hilariously, I also see that desperate little attention-seeking twit Dan Marvin has joined (remember him?), apparently so he can flaunt his ridiculous non-arguments and scientific illiteracy to his intellectual betters, who will then proceed to flog him mercilessly for it. Masochistic much, Dan? Go ahead and accept his friend requests if you like, that's your business. Me, I decided long ago it goes against my rational secular morality to abuse the handicapped. ;-)

Addendum 2: Okay, I just added a whopping 90 photos to a TAM6 album, which is pretty much the same as my Flickr set, except longer, with more of my road trip shots. Later on I'll create an album for TAM5 and Dawkins' Austin visit back in March. I figure if I'm going to be part of this thing, I can't complain I'm getting nothing out of it if I don't put in.


  1. Hey there, thought I'd de-lurk and send you a friend request. I've enjoyed my time at Atheist Nexus so far, I hope you will as well. It's nice to have an alternative to the brain drains that are MySpace and Facebook.

  2. Interesting, I'll add it to my already seemingly endless networking bookmark folder. Maybe this will at least have fewer viral memes and more actual connections. :/

  3. I had to search for you, because the link just goes to the AN homepage, but I sent a friend request. I don't really spend much time on the site, though.

  4. Roger:

    You have a FOLDER for web links? That is so 2003... why don't you just tag it in delicious instead? It is, appropriately enough, another networking site for bookmarks.

  5. Steve: Hmm, I just clicked the link and it went to my profile page. Oh well.

    I doubt I'll spend a lot of time on the site either. But if you have time to kill, they can be fun time killers.

  6. Kazim: I have a folder for my blogs and myspacebook crap. Hell, I've got a separate one just for LJ (even though I've friended everything I read there anyway). All another webpage is is another login I don't trust. Call me old, but I barely even trust this damn browser, much less the OS. Gods, I miss DOS 5.0...

  7. And if Delicious gets sucked away down one of those series of tubes which make up the internet never to be seen again, what then?

    I signed up initially for one simple reason I learned from mucho forum experience - you register so no punter takes your username. If the site is any good, well bonus, but you don't want someone signing up as you and spouting nonsense, do you?

  8. Okay, okay, buckling to peer pressure, I signed up too.

    Martin: Your link is to the main page at AN, but that would show up as your profile since you are signed in as yourself. Your page for other people is

  9. Ok. I think this is my first time ever responding to anything here.

    I love the show.

    But the reason I post now is because of the mention of Dan Marvin. I flogged him at also implying a masochistic type personality to him. Funny, I thought I had come up with it.

    Again, I love the show and watch it unreligiously every saturday.

  10. Actually, it looks like if you click on the button with my avatar on it, it takes you to my profile, while if you click on the text link right below that, it takes you to the home page.


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