Saturday, August 09, 2008

Critical Mass

Once again I have to wave at my good friends Lloyd, Alan, and Rachel, who live way way way down on that big island. (Actually, I think Lloyd is still freezing his ass off up in Scotland. I'd say he's due home.) At TAM they were all excited to get their own blog and podcast started up, and now they have. At least, the blog is up — I don't know if they've gotten the podcast launched yet. All the same, pay a visit to the fledgling Critical Mass and give them some of that AE-fan love.


  1. I just dropped by to say hello to them.

    They've put together a pretty good loking blog so far. Good on em.

    It looks like they made their presence felt at our recent Popefest in Sydney, which was good.

    Cheers for the heads up about them.

  2. Awww shucks. Thanks for the promo, Martin.
    We're still working on the podcast thing and are just navigating technical hurdles at the moment and looking for other Sydney atheists to join us in front of the mic.
    Shouldn't be too long now, I'll keep you posted.

  3. Hey guys,

    Yes i still am living in Scotland, and its been raining for 8 days solid. But on the upside i saw Christopher Hitchens debate Dr John Lennox at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh this morning.

    The show of hands at the end indicated support for Lennox, but Hitchens effortlessly creamed him.

    The video of this debate should be broadcast on the BBC at a later date, and will inevitably find its way onto the intertubes.


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