Saturday, October 02, 2010

Some updates

Hey all. I know there hasn't been a lot of activity here in several days. Sorry for that, I guess life has us all occupied at the moment. But you folks have done a fine job keeping the home fires burning here, especially as we've got a new theist who's turned up in the thread below. So go have a look at that conversation if you're so inclined. It could end up rivaling the thread we recently had with Parture, aka Troy.

Just to bring you all up to speed: No AETV tomorrow, due to that stupid pre-emption thing. But I hope you'll all be excited by the news that the geek trio of myself, Gia Grillo and Chris Conner have recorded one more guerilla Non-Prophets show, right before the resumption of the regular series. I hope to have it fully edited by tomorrow night or so, and up on the feed early in the week at the latest. This one will be a bit shorter than the nearly 2½-hour epic we recorded in July, and we deal with some more current topics of interest. In particular, we air our views on the recent rise in accommodationism and the "don't be a dick" flap.

Back soon. Until then, play nice (I expect the more mature of you to be off and running with "don't be a dick flap" jokes), and clean off your knives and put them away neatly before bedtime.


  1. Yay! It's always fun to have an unexpected non-prophets episode pop up. The last one took me completely by surprise; it was just suddenly there in my iTunes.
    It's a nice surprise to wake up to when you have a day's worth of boring, mindless work ahead of you.

    I'd like to encourage you to keep it up, even after the non-prophets come back regularly.
    Just throw in an episode every now and again when you have something to say, e.g. on a current topic that hasn't been covered in the regular show.

    That would be A W E S O M E !

  2. I got two question for you:
    1. Where is unexpected episod? I went to the NP site and I didn't see it.

    2. I forget.

  3. If you're asking about the NPR episode mentioned in this post, it isn't ready yet. I ... thought that was clear.

  4. Sure, clear to that bespectacled elite that knows you to read. But what about the rest of us?

  5. I'm sorry, minus, I guess I'm not understanding you. Anyway, apologies if there was any confusion.

  6. I think it was clear, we're just all anxious to finally receive new marching orders....are we finally storming the only "real" churches left in America with commie and anti-god propaganda in the name of Satan and the right to delicious babies for all this week, or is that event scheduled for next week?

    We don't want only half of our legion of evil to show up this week while the other half is off lamenting over the poor fig tree that stood up to god and refused to give the tyrant it's fruit....REMEMBER THE FIG!

  7. I think he meant "clear to that bespectacled elite that knows how to read" but the funny failed cause a you came out instead of a how.

  8. Being a dick is a conversation stopper. Being civilized is the way to teach others, rather than alienate them.

  9. Here's a thought for the DBAD crowd;

    Don't call me a dick, okay? That's rude.

  10. Did the show ever get posted?

  11. Martin, have you posted this anywhere yet?

  12. "especially as we've got a new theist who's turned up in the thread below"

    Sorry if I'm just being thick, but where's the thread?


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