Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mail...some days are better than others

"Hi name is not important. I have a comment. I saw your videos on youtube. I don't like your attacks on the christian faith. I think your program is full of shit. The Atheist Experience just what the hell is that means. As for prove, you don't need prove to believe or haven't you figured that out. Let me tell you something. Atheist is the devils work. So go ahead bad mouth god. Your community will be blowen up as long with you garbage or what ever happens. The christian faith is not to brain wash people. That's just you people spreading lies. Your community is dedicated to nothing and that how it's going to be.
The man"

Fortunately, messages like this aren't all that common. We obviously don't think this represents the bulk of religious thought...but it does demonstrate the results of insular indoctrination and poor education. While this sort of thinking isn't the norm, it's not yet completely relegated to the cast-of-"Deliverance"-minority...but someday, it will be.


  1. I get lots of responses like that whenever I comment on facebook or other social forums.

    Every time I read such messages, the danger of ever becoming a Christian again goes from something like 0.00000001% to 0.000000001% - a whole order of magnitude. Such is the demonstrable power of god-bot inanity.

  2. I love it how you post ridiculous emails in Comic Sans. I mean, there needs to be more people speaking out against such a ridiculous font.

  3. "Your community will be blowen up as long with you garbage or what ever happens."

    I'm not sure exactly what this means but it's certainly much more sinister with the "or whatever" at the end.

  4. That was surprisingly coherent and well-written compared to what we usually get to see.

  5. The man is putting us atheists down :(

  6. I can only hope English is not this persons first language. Strange that there seem to be many angry theists who comment when their grasp of English is not all that great.

    I can't see the appeal of going on youtube and seeing what theists have to say about atheists in Spanish. Even if it made me angry I would realize there is little point in making veiled threats or even rational arguments in broken Spanish at them.

    Letters like this represent truly bizarre behavior.

  7. Does that mean he's Mr Important (but Not to his friends)?

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  8. Translated to coherent, the email reads as follows:

    "I have been lied to and am angry for no real reason other than the fact that I have been lied to. Waaaahhh."

  9. It seem that this theist derives a profound sense of empowerment from his belief that there is some super being out there who will punish us for our evil ways. It feels good to be certain that people will get what they deserve and this person can feel important telling this to us. Without this belief he becomes unimportant. It would be therefore be very difficult for such a person to give up his beliefs.

    It must be terrifying for such a person to come to the realization that the universe we live in does not care about us. For those of us who are used to accepting reality there is less to fear. While the universe and the sky fairy don't care, other people do.

    Believing in the basic goodness of most other people can be as source of joy and hope equal to any religion. For the author of the e-mail, his faith is the source of fear and revenge. I'll celebrate my basic humanity and he can enjoy his spiteful faith.

  10. that IS a flagrant misuse of comic sans. those silly little playful letters should never be subjected to talk of curses and archaic hate speech, even if it was the grade school version!

    I'll pray that god gives him a week in Hell for every letter he violated!

  11. "Please allow me to introduce myself..."-Jagger/Richards

  12. Please, for the love of all that is good and humanizing (good phrase?'s not?), please tell me you guys are actually going to release your "best" and most informative emails and discussions in book-form.

  13. I don't know if we actually have enough hilarious hate mail to make a whole book. But we could probably get a pretty solid DVD (or two) full of the funniest calls all down the years.

  14. That was an interesting letter, to say the least. It doesn't surprise me a bit when I read news articles stating that atheists know more about christianity than christians. If they really read the bible (and if they had a functioning brain), they'd see all the bullshit, bigotry and hate that fills it's pages. Atheists are usually more educated all the way around. That's why it's no lie to say that the majority of intellectuals are atheists: scientists, physicians, professors, etc…
    Atheists appreciate the variety in the world, instead of hating anything that is different. Similar to what DavidCT said, seeing the good in others and being a good person yourself is a great way to have joy in your life. Accepting the reality that we are responsible for our own actions and that nobody is pulling any strings makes you want to be a better person, or at least it does for me. I know religious people that think their life is predestined, every move they make--That's crazy!

    I'm new to blogger by the way…I've been posting on the Yahoo news stories a lot and I wanted to start blogging. This is my first blogger comment! Please feel free to check out my blog page!

  15. if only such intensity to intolerance could be channeled into a better use, we might not be in this trouble. rather than committing oneself in slandering the opinions of others, one should reroute that energy into a more productive projects.

    to be the devil's advocate (no pun intended), this goes to both theists and atheists. we should not preach intolerance, isn't that why some atheists are what they are? i personally believe atheism is a lifestyle, a culture, not a movement to purify the world of irrational beliefs in god.

    freedoms of opinion and religion are vital freedoms that we all must share and respect. if attacks are coming, why stoop so low to become the same intolerant bigot just in a different cover?

  16. Funny how people feel they need to stick up for god????

    kinda illogical for the creator of the universe, who is omnipresent and all powerful (if you believe that crap) to need one of his supposedly weak willed and flawed creations to protect him from a big bad atheist???


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