Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We get email: from the "Word Salad" folder

Sometimes, you just shrug and go "Whatever."

Dear brother and sister

General public is very vulnerable, what ever guidance sounds helpful, whether it is not rational, people like it.they are created to believe this.

On the contrary you are what is in your memory in your sub conscious , that what u are projecting in the mundane world.any fantasy you think can be real in your thought, even in the mundane world,.if you believe there are millions of earth and so oare you, in millions ,so what is real you don't know, when you merge with which reality.

your mind is a fascinating mechanism processes millions of information every second , we r only aware of 100's. nothing to loose in you believe, lot to loose being a sceptic, you can be popular in tv, media in paper that what y what. huh!

Holy scriptures do mislead people, all are misinterpreted, mostly corrupted is the Biblical stories, and the Vedas.

I can challenge you, with prove that thoughts are cosmic energy, they can influence you and your surroundings

Think for a while then conclude.

You have nothing to loose being a believer.beliver in your self, your heart. The rest will come out automatically, that is why we have dreams, dilutions .illusions, hallucinations, these ate only medical terms, but also a media for human to interact with parallel reality.

I think Holmes would do better getting a handle on this reality, personally.


  1. Am I the only one who didn't understand a word of that?

  2. I understood perfectly what he said. I will be happy to explain. Just send me five dollars with a SASE and I will send you a complete translation.

  3. Sounds like a google translated letter.

  4. It's one of those fascinating situations where you know what all of the words mean individually, but you've never seen them put together in quite that order before ...

  5. @robert-Nope, you are not the only one, it makes no sense to me either.

  6. "Am I the only one who didn't understand a word of that?"

    I think I saw appeals to Pascal's Wager, design, religion's effect are beneficial, determinism, and the schizophrenic have special insight to the supernatural realm. Not sure what to make about misinterpreting holy text, at first I thought it was free will is the cause of evil, but I think they were trying to make a case against organized religion and just for a personal god. I hope this person just learned English, it barely meets AIM standards of intelligibility.

  7. How would even syntax, proper spelling and a coherent point make any more sense? At least this is a somewhat accurate picture of the stream of consciousness that goes on in the mind. When you consider that most theist arguments effectively end with "We don't know, therefore: God", this is welcome. At least it is accurate in reporting the internal experience of the writer.

  8. I'm not really sure what this person is advocating for. They dismissed religious text saying it is often misleading but deny that skepticism is a good thing? How else did they conclude the fallacies of the texts? Meh... this definitely IS a "whatever" moment.

  9. It's hilarious how people that have that problem seem to be very prolific writers. As if 10 pages of incoherent babble is somehow better than a single sentence.

    I've gotten a few of those totally incoherent emails, and they always seem to be longer than average. The sad thing is, I still read the whole thing trying to make some sense of it.

    We should be nice to the handicapped after all.

  10. I'm still scratching my head about the hallucinations eating only medical terms.

  11. To whom it may concern:

    On average, people are gullible - people like to believe those things that give them hope, regardless of how rational those beliefs may be. They are created this way.

    However, you are merely a construction of your own sub-conciousness and memories. Your beliefs are projected onto reality, and these beliefs construct reality. Any fantasy that you can imagine can be real not only in your thoughts, but in this mundane reality as well, as long as you believe.

    In actuality, there are millions of Earths with millions of individuals like ourselves, so it is impossible to tell what is real and what is fantasy.

    Your mind is a very fascinating thing, capable of processing a great deal of information each second, and yet we are only aware of it processing a fraction of that.

    You have nothing to lose by believing, but a great deal to lose by being skeptical, no matter how popular you are on television, in the media, or in the written word. That is what's what. Huh!

    It is true that holy scriptures mislead people, and all are misinterpreted. The Bible and the Vedas are the most corrupted by far.

    I can demonstrate to you, with proof, that thoughts are, in fact, cosmic energy. They can manifest themselves in reality.

    Think over what I have said, then make your conclusion. You have nothing to lose by being a believer. Believe in your self, and in your heart, and the rest will come naturally.

    What I have described to you is the reason that we have dreams, dilutions (delusions?), illusions, and hallucinations. I describe these using the medical terms, but in fact they are the medium by which humans can interact with parallel universes.

  12. Excellent translation, Lurker. It's sort of a Pascal's Wager for "The Secret" with a little Chopra-esque magic thrown in.

  13. Martin, is this an example of the many emails you get???

  14. Lurker has done a good job of tidying up the language. It reads like something written by a non-native speaker rather than a semi-literate native. I spend my working life marking this sort of thing.

  15. See, I thought it was all about God at first, too, but then he talked about "dilutions," so it's clear that he was actually talking about homeopathy.

  16. thanks lurker, but it is still nonsense. You just clarified it.

  17. I think it's pretty clear that this person is schizophrenic, and as such it's not appropriate to mock him/her. They need compassion and support, not ridicule.

  18. LOL that was pretty amusing. I think lurker clarified it nicely. There are a lot of things too have issues with in that post (or at least Lurkers summary of it) However there is one point that the person (him/her??) makes that I do agree with, and that is that believing in stuff without organized religion is better than hopping on to some dogma. However the stuff about parralel universes and mental instabilities being a medium for seeing them made me laugh out loud.

    Sounds like someone who has been wtching Fringe too much ;-)

  19. Yeah, schizophrenic. The only counterapologetic content here is that organized supernatural belief systems make it harder to pull the mentally ill out of the crowd against a backdrop of believers.

  20. @rvkevin
    I think the misinterpratation part was an appeal to "don't blame religion for any of the things it's adherents do. All the bad stuff is misinterpretation"

  21. Classic example of fire-and-forget posting. What you have just written is full of red underlinings? That's no spellcheck, it's cosmic energy, projected by your subconsciousness and formed into reality by your brainz. Far out, dude.

  22. I think Jeff Dee summed up the "missinterpretation" thing or "missuse faith" the best.

    Shooting someone with a gun is not a miss use....using it to crack open delicious wallnuts is.


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