Thursday, April 08, 2010

Last weekend and this weekend

I was saddened that I had to miss hosting the show this weekend due to another Mormon invasion. I always hate to miss a chance to be on with Jeff Dee. Also, my fiancee and I actually went to church on Easter Sunday for fun, and we got a lot of interesting discussion material out of it.

In point of fact, we went to Great Hills Baptist Church, home base for Kyle Miller, who was on the show with us several months ago. I made my presence known to him, and he graciously asked to treat us to lunch the next day. (I just started a new job in Austin, and I wasn't working yet on Monday.)

In some respects we managed to get more argumentative than we were on the actual show together, but it was all kept on a friendly basis and I believe that a good time was had by all. As I said previously, Kyle is a fun guy, and there are a lot of non-God topics we agree on, but I also really enjoy it when we get down to discussing the evidence (or lack of it) for God. I probably won't detail our private conversation, though, but just the church experience.

Matt and I will be en route to Peoria early tomorrow morning, where we will be speaking at Bradley University at around 5:30 PM. Again, get there early in case it fills up. I'll have my laptop on the plane, so I might take the time to turn my church notes into a blog post that I can put up after we land.

I've got, I think, about twenty minutes of material and I need to put the finishing touches on my slides when I get home tonight. Matt will present a similar length of material, and then we'll take questions. There are other events afterward which you can check out at the Bradley Skeptics page, and we'll take more questions on Saturday.

The TV show will be in excellent hands with Jeff Dee and Don Baker, and I know I'm looking forward to catching the replay when I get back.


  1. Poor Ray Comfort. If he calls in now Jedd Dee is going to tear him a new one. But who am I kidding? He's not going to call.

  2. Slightly unrelated query. Will there be a NPR show any time soon?

  3. Why is there constantly the Mormon issue btw?

  4. It's some kind of deal they have with ChannelAustin. Search me how they managed it.

  5. @Martin

    I'm picturing the cliche 60-70 Rock-band party where they woo the record label execs with drugs and women. Only instead of groupies it's Mormon wives.

    I might need some professional help.

  6. "God Hates Figs"

    (from the BU skeptics page)

    That's some good stuff. I live in the relatively sane town of Lawrence, Ks about 30 miles away from the Westboro Baptist clan. I need to remember that one.

  7. "I live in the relatively sane town of Lawrence, Ks about 30 miles away from the Westboro Baptist clan. I need to remember that one."

    Oooh coool. Would you be interested in helping my dream project of hiring male strippers to protest Fred Phelp's eventual funeral? In fact...I should start fund raising efforts now. OH if i get enough maybe we can get George Takai....


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