Sunday, April 04, 2010

Denyse O'Leary supplants Ray Comfort as World's Stupidest Christian™

After holding the title courageously for most of his adult life, Ray Comfort has been forced to relinquish his unofficial designation of World's Stupidest Christian™. Meet the newly crowned title-holder, Denyse O'Leary, whose risible record of attempted evolution denial has leveled up into heretofore unexplored realms of awesomeness with this quoted passage, which simply must be read to be believed. Warning: you will lose about 20 IQ points just reading this, but the fact you won't be able to stop laughing for a week should, one hopes, compensate.

Congratulations, Denyse, the new reigning World's Stupidest Christian™! Take a bow.


  1. Oh dear lord. She has surpassed our greatest fears.

  2. MARTIN!

    Dammit, man, now I'm bleeding from the eyeballs.


    PS - Kickass show last week, you and Tracie.

  3. With the brief 3 minutes of reading the text and all the comments, here are the words of the Comic Book Guy from the 'Simpsons', "OH I wasted my life!"

    That was terrible logic!

  4. Ray and Kirk are still my boys. Crocoduck beats unmarried chimps.

  5. Denyse lives in a first-world developed nation, with the greatest and easiest access to the greatest amount of information at any time throughout human history..

    ... and she comes out with THAT? What... I mean... wha...?

  6. Damn stupid - the trouble is that it still sells well with the target audience.

    Why do these people have settle for such a dumb-ass god. They insist on believing that their god made everything all at once but whose design abilities would not qualify him as a professional engineer. The realities of the world and how it evolved are so much more amazing and miraculous. The more we learn the more amazing reality becomes.

    Belief in creation as an explanation for the natural world is like constantly watching reruns of Barney long after the kids have grown and left home.

  7. I'm sorry, I still think Ray holds the title. The quote by her was too incoherent to rival Ray. She just linked a bunch of words she had heard on T.V. together.

  8. So, evolution is wrong because chimps look different from humans?

    Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

  9. No one should tell her about the alleged Soviet program to breed chimps and humans into super communist chimp commandos.


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