Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Kathleen Johnson: "A Place at the Table"

Here's the video from a recent ACA Lecture Series lecture with Kathleen Johnson, titled "A Place at the Table."

On February 26th, 2010, Kathleen Johnson, American Atheists Vice President and Military Director and the founder of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, spoke at a historic meeting with the Obama administration at the nation's capital. The event, organized by the Secular Coalition for America, focused on three issues: faith based medical neglect, proselytizing in the military, and administration support for faith based initiatives. This occasion was a prime example of how a variety of different secular groups can unite for a common cause and accomplish significant political actions. Ms. Johnson will speak about her experiences with "having a seat at the table" and the importance of effectively setting aside political and positional differences to effectively advocate for common causes.

"A Place at the Table"

Mp3 audio is available here.


  1. Really dug the episode yesterday! If my may geek out about Egyptology for a second (I've been doing a LOT with the recent DNA tests on Mummies lately!), in response to one of the callers who asked whether the Jews did build the pyramids...

    I can't reference any books of YouTube videos off the top of my head, but from what I understand the labourers who build those monuments were usually skilled, conscripted Egyptian workers.

    The Egyptians were also the first to give us unionised labour. In fact, there was one incident (recorded onto a temple wall) of one work gang who went on strike for two months, because they weren't being paid enough make-up and beer!

    The overseers tried to appease them by throwing more beer, but they wanted their make-up, goddamnit! A month later, the workers got their make-up and it was back to work.

    Some workers and labourers may have indeed been Jewish (Egypt was a fairly multi-ethnic society, after all), but there's little archaeological evidence of Jews being targeted and forced to toil under the lash.

    Then again, I'm no Egyptologist, so if there's anyone out there more knowledgeable, feel free to correct me. For more information, listen to Ancient Egyptian Death Metal band Nile =)

    p.s. If anything, the Pyramids were built by drunken Egyptian drag-queens... that's why they look so fabulous!

  2. So, she's one of those militant atheists I keep hearing about?

  3. It was a very informative discussion. Thank you AETV people!

  4. Thanks for posting it, Don. It was a pleasure to have Kathleen with us.

  5. Great episode guys. To continue what Jon said: The question can be difficult to answer because there is a tendency to equate the words Jew, Isrealite, Hebrew and Semite. Regardless of which is used, and in relation to the actual (if misworded) question being asked, I don't there is any reliable evidence of Jews being in Egypt until several centuries after the pyramids were complete. Even then it shows that they were not there as slaves but as valued military allies, mainly around the island of Elephantine.

  6. I loved this episode, Great stuff. I hope more episodes like that one do come up. I also like the fact that you are having guests of late it really brings something extra to the show. As far as I am concerned this should be done more often.


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