Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jon Stewart on Texas SBOE

Last night, The Daily Show did a bit on the Texas State Board of Education (4 minutes). If you've been following along, it's worth watching. There's so much wrong with the Board of Education, that they could have easily done a week-long comedy marathon. They focused on the controversy surrounding Oscar Romero as being worthy of textbook mention.

A number of people have written us to ask where is our outrage at the SBOE. We're outraged, but perhaps we realize, we're powerless in the short term to stop the crazy. They've proven they're immune to criticism or facts. We hope that during the next election, we oust a few of the creationists and get the SBOE back to its educational mission.

For now, laughter is good therapy.


  1. "And that is how Oscar Romero got disappeared by Right Wingers for the second time."

    That was classic.

  2. Who the hell is Oscar Romero?

  3. "So, we shouldn't tell people about it, because nobody knows about it"

  4. It's like ctastrophe and Thomas planned those last two posts together! ;-)

  5. @ctastrophe
    Oscar Romero was the guy who played the Joker on the Batman TV show. ;)

  6. No, Ceaser Chavez was the guy who played the TeeVee Joker.

    The Thursday evening show where Stewart broke format and parodied Glenn Beck freaking out over creeping theism has so much crazy in it, it's worth watching a few times, especially the Jesus photo with Pen Gillette as the devil on his shoulder.


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