Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haitian ambassador schools Pat "Just F*cking Die Already" Robertson

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  1. Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

    I only wish the ambassador had taken it a bit farther. But I suppose he can't be too vicious since he is a politician.

  2. Brilliant quote from Rachel M in another video link:

    "Behold Pat Robertson, the unintended consequence of the first amendment"

  3. like!

    If the devil is keeping haiti down...then America must be the devil...because we have a long history of supporting horrible murderous dictators in the country so that American business interests would be protected and our corporations could continue to rape Haiti of its natural resources and wealth. Horrifically sad event.

  4. i never heard him challenge the accusation that they made a deal with the devil to drive out the French. Maybe i missed something, but it sounds like he actually admits they they did but then says it benefitted the U.S. and Latin america, so we shouldn't complain.

    Maybe they did think they made a pact and maybe he still believes there is a devil that helped them, but I hope not. Robertson might actually feel justified in his response since, in Pat's opinion, if they made a deal, it doesn't matter if we benefitted- they are guilty and deserving of wrath.

  5. Well, considering Pat's accusation is so patently absurd on its face, I don't see a its really necessary for the ambassador to have challenged it. ("I state categorically we did not make a pact with the devil! Also, there is no truth to the rumor that a pixie swing choir lives in my underpants!") But as for Pat, well, I think time has shown that crazy old bastard will say whatever he wants and justify it in any way he can dream up, and in so doing make himself that much more loathed. So you know...whatever.

  6. "Maybe they did think they made a pact and maybe he still believes there is a devil that helped them, but I hope not."

    I think it's pretty clear that the Haitian ambassador was using a rhetorical device, the reductio ad absurdum. Take the opponent's views, and follow them to their most absurd consequences.

  7. I hope you are right Martin, but a simple "the claim is ridiculous" would have sufficed.

    As ludicrous as the concept of God punishing them with an earthquake seems to us, the claim they made a pact with "the devil" isn't unbelievable to me- many modern U.S. Gov't officials think they have a pact with God.

    So, if the claim was so ridiculous that it didn't warrant a response (which it probably wasn't), then why did he bring it up without addressing the core claim? It almost seemed like a total non sequitur-robertson claims we made a deal with the devil to beat the french, but we rose up and beat the french and the U.S. was able to buy the Louisiana territory for cheap.

    Anyway, I think I am beating a dead horse, ha. It's not really that big of a deal. I do wonder what his religious beliefs are, tho.

  8. I think the ambassador was diplomatic. He could have said Robertson was a fucktart.

    On the start of the controversy itself: I have family from Haiti, so I am not clueless about this country, and a vast majority of Haitians are religious, from non-practicing Catholics to debvout ones. But maybe Robertson does consider Catholics as devil worhsippers. If anything, the recent catastrophy proves that 1)God probably does not exist and 2)if he does, he is a dick for letting a people who worship him so devoutly suffer so much. I guess he prefers Pat Robertson, which makes him even more of a dick.

  9. Toll free number to 700 club. Call Pat Robertson and let him know how you feel. (800) 759-0700

  10. Not only he's a fucktard, but Pat is now actively damaging the US public image abroad as well. Way to go!

  11. Robertson's remarks are almost innocent now compared to Limbaughs.

  12. The story that I think Robertson twisted was that of Dutty Boukman, a vodoun priest who held a ritual and called for the expulsion of the French. Soon after the rebelion began the French killed Boukman and displayed his head. This REALLY pissed off the Hatians and, well, we know how that ended for the French.

    And I am sure in Robertson's book any prayer to a god other than his is a pact with the Devil.


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