Sunday, November 08, 2009

More on the show's audio issues

Thanks to some helpful fans — as opposed to the one guy who just wrote in to bitch that he was going to quit watching until we got our shit together — some cleaned-up versions of the past three weeks' episodes, 627-629, have been posted. The cleaned-up versions, which remove that annoying ticking sound and generally improve the overall listening experience, are the ones in MP3 and OGG format only. As for what's causing these audio irritations, that's still very much under investigation. We suspect some I/O related matter. I personally don't know and haven't been privy to whatever discussions Frank and the rest of the crew may have been having over all this.

So, starting with today's show (I'm looking forward to being back on, as it's been a couple of months for me, so I hope we get some theist callers I can kick around), if problems persist, we will delay the posting of audio files to the web archive until they've been cleaned up. As always, please be patient in the knowledge that the crew is on the problem, and we'll eventually overcome whatever it is.


  1. Thank you, and thanks to those who figured out how to clean it up. You guys rule.

  2. You're less apathetic than me. I would have just bought new equipment to fix the problem.

  3. sounds good... hopefully it ustream will stream it in a time fashion today too!!

  4. Thanks for your efforts. Much appreciated, by me anyway!

  5. "You're less apathetic than me. I would have just bought new equipment to fix the problem."

    More money on equipement means less seed money for the next pub crawl.

  6. I fundamentally believe that science will find the answers to all the mysteries of the universe. This is based on seeing the trend in science.

    I'm currently listening to the podcast. And the same applies. It's getting much better (at least I can listen to it).

    Also, the bit where an Indiana Jones type background music played while Matt was making a point was really cool.

  7. As the episodes that were done at Matt's home worked so well, audio/video/feed etc, you should consider moving the studio to Matt's home, and moving Matt to the studio. That way we get a high quality Atheist Experience, and Matt doesn't have to put up with a bunch of atheists taking up his house every Sunday. :)


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