Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A beautiful day, sans creationist fools

Okay, so I read on Pharyngula this morning that Ray Comfort, the World's Stupidest Christian™, rescheduled his giveaway of his bowdlerized Origin of Species on university campuses for today instead of tomorrow, evidently because he heard that people were preparing to counter it by printing up information from the NCSE's enjoyable Don't Diss Darwin site. So naturally, he had to do an end-run around that, since his pathetic, ignorant twaddle sinks like the Titanic when faced with the iceberg of scientific fact.

So I'm trying to make up my mind whether or not to go down to the UT-Austin campus and confront the dopes handing out books. But I'm not sure I really feel like it. For one reason, unless you're a student, or you live down there or have business there, the campus isn't very visitor-friendly. Traffic is a headache, and parking is a righteous pain in the ass at the best of times. And anyway, it would be amusing for a few minutes, I suppose, but then, like all dealings with creationist fools, it would simply get aggravating and tedious.

Finally, I step outside, and I see this.

And I think to myself, Wow, an absolutely perfect autumn day. Which is rare enough in Austin, I can tell you. Seriously, we're talking deep blue, cloudless, endless skies, and the temperature like Goldilocks' porridge. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right.

And then I think, now who would I rather spend a gorgeous day like this with? A gaggle of hopeless anti-science morons, or someone with more charisma and intelligence than all of them put together? Say, this guy:

It was not a difficult decision. Grab the leash, dial up a little Miles Davis on the iPod, and it's off to the park we go, big boy!

Really, some days are just too beautiful to ruin.

So, I have no idea yet how the UT giveaway went, and what fireworks may or may not have erupted. I've put an email in to some folks with Atheist Longhorns I know, so maybe they'll have a report for me later.


  1. Please, if anyone reading this was on the University of Pennsylvania campus and witnessed any of these characters please PLEASE let me know.

  2. I didn't see any of these guys on the University of Wisconsin Parkside campus. The only thing going on was the annual booksale where you could find such gems as "Windows 3.11 for Dummies." Ten to twenty year old books that are much more interesting than the creationists that did not show up.

  3. I have to bring up Roy's comment on how atheists are evolved from chickens.

  4. After reading PZ's comments on the Comfort book having whole chapters missing, I don't see how it could be worth missing a great day to get a copy.

    Didn't Ray evolve from a banana ?

  5. I too considered making it down to UT for my free copy but yeah - major pain in the ass. Maybe we can make it for Ray's next travesty of reason.

  6. I love how Ray and the Phelps are falling into insanely cowardly territory.

    a) make a big fuss about your protest/wankery
    b) get scared by threats of counter protest so you do it early to avoid confrontation
    c) Praise yourself for being good christians and standing up to criticism
    d) Prophet ;)

  7. What a nice dog! I knew this Christian dog lover years ago who told me that the reason we call dogs "dogs" is because they are mans best friend and dog is god spelled backwards. Seriously!

  8. "the reason we call dogs "dogs" is because they are mans best friend and dog is god spelled backwards."

    So they're the reverse of God?

  9. If they(dogs) are the reverse god and mans best friend, what does that say about the reverse dog?

  10. Need

    Has there ever been any discussion here about atheist dogs?

    My guys, BTW, have that same tag on their collars.

  11. Well, it's obvious by now that I'm not a dyslexic atheist, because I certainly do believe in Dog!

  12. A_Real_Skeptic: So what was your friend's explanation for cats?

  13. So why arent dogs called halla in arabic?
    Or are they, i was too lazy to fact check such a ridiculous statement.


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