Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, the Irony

I had to chuckle when I read about the recent study that investigated the alleged link between homosexuality and pedophile priests, only to find no connection. The Catholic Church has been blaming gays, pop culture, and even the victims for their problems. Now, it seems they have one less group to blame. (Don't hold your breath on them stepping up to the responsibility plate, though.)

What made this study even more delicious is that the Catholic Church funded it. It reminds me of the 2006 intercessory prayer study that the Templeton Foundation funded that showed that nothing fails like prayer. I'm willing to bet that in both cases, the funding agency thought for sure that their world view would be vindicated. Both groups each had millions of dollars riding on the bet.

Reality bites, sometimes.

I think these are both excellent uses of religious funds.


  1. Did no one from the upper ups in the known watch what the lower minions were doing? If you don't do that they're bound to try to test your bullshit. That never works out well.

  2. It is ironic and quite hilarious that the Catholic church funded this, but they'll simply find someone or something else to point the finger at.

    I agree with Ing too. How the hell did the church let out? Keeping it quiet and sweeping the results under the rug are things they're good at.

  3. Gotta give it to the Catholic Church: she sure knows how to blame other people for her own evils and stupidities, what with the "straw/rafter in the eye" and "judge not that you not be judged" and other bullshit. All excuses for moral relativism of course.

  4. I can see Bill Donohue's fat head exploding already. I remember him on television, back when the pedo-priest scandal was erupting all over the landscape, insisting that Catholic child abuse was due to homosexuality.

  5. Obviously, the researchers who did this study were homosexuals themselves, and covered it all up.


  6. The link to the study isn't working anymore... what was the article? I'd like to find it and read it myself :)


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