Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You can't legislate reality away

While the creotards continue to try to push one anti-science, anti-evolution bill after another through their respective state legislatures, under the guise of "academic freedom," the NCSE reports that another one of these has died in committee in Iowa. No one is fooled by their attempts to hide their true agendas — slipping Biblical creationism over the transom into classrooms — but that doesn't seem to stop them. Poor benighted idiots.


  1. This post lead me on a little clicking spree. Have you ever seen this little video that I found at http://www.expelledexposed.com/. I am sure it is elsewhere. It's probably old hat to you. I think I should change my name to cdesign proponentsist. Great investigative work on their part!

  2. I changed my name. Boy, mockery sure is fun! I owe my exit from the "unwilling to publicly mock" closet to Martin. Thanks again! You're such an inspiration.

  3. "Academic freedom" is it? Is that like the "Healthy Forests Initiative" that turned out to harm forests, and the "Clear Skies Act" that allowed companies more leeway to pollute the air?

    It is nice that enough people are seeing through the doublespeak, but that just means we need to keep pushing against it.

  4. At least they are starting to get crushed. In defense of Oklahoma, even though the legislature here is trying to make us look stupid, not one of the academic freedom bills has passed and been signed into law, albeit one had to be vetoed by the Governor but it still was vetoed.

  5. reminds me of my physiology class, which is taught by a creationist. He annoyed me by inserting an argument via ignorance into a lecture ("I'd like to hear the evolutionary reasoning for THAT" then moving on before anyone could give it). It bugged me since it clearly made a good chunk of the students uncomfortable. We talked over whether we had a justifiable reason to worry whether a prof was a creationist. On one hand thought crime is bad and we shouldn't look down on him just for his ideas. On the other hand, there was the fear that interesting data would be omitted or not focused on due to his bias (the previous lecturer did a lot of fun tidbits on the evolutionary history of the nervous system: not getting that for the cardio system bugs me a bit). In the end we decided that outside factors allowed us to be pissed off as he has a reputation for being an asshole, promotes his private non-text books to his student base shamelessly, is trying to get around his reviewers insistence that he not poach students for research volunteers, and wears magical underpants.

    It is sad though when your argument against evolutionary theory can be disputed (by his own admission) by one of your students just because they took genetics and bio pre-reqs.

  6. I love these Orwellian sounding creationist legislative titles. They do so love inserting such words as "academic" and "freedom" into their nonsensical bills.

    The real sad thing, though, is that these bills just scratch the surface of their depravity. Look at the homeschooling curriculm these fundies feed their kids, and they want to also go about forcing the public schools to bow to their religious demands?

  7. Ing (I have a friend named Ian, you two should meet, I'll call you the suffixes), I had a philosophy professor who taught a theistic view on philosophy. He even lied when necessary. Every philosophy was bad, except for theism. I wish I had reported it, because he wasn't teaching philosophy (and he was the ethics teacher, imagine). I retook the class with a different teacher and learned a lot more. Plus the other teacher was much more pleasant. The only upside for the first class was making a creationist student look like an idiot.

    Anyway, if the academic freedom bill passes where I live, I'm going to start lobbying for a class where I use David Icke's books as textbooks, and curriculum would include a unit on how religion is actually a thought prison designed to control you. Wonder if they'll be so gung hu for "academic freedom" after that.

  8. "Reality has a liberal bias." - Can't seem to find who to properly attribute to that quote.


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