Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dress godless for teh comfy!

See? Here they are. Sweet, eh? Thing is, you can't have one. All the shirts in that box there? They're all sold. But I am willing to do one more print run. However, I need at least 49 more orders to do so. So flood 'em in, my heathen fashionistas! If you've got one of the RDF scarlet-letter Out Campaign T-shirts in your wardrobe, be assured these are every bit as soft, light and comfy. Rub them against your tender nipple buds. The ecstasy!


  1. I'll get one for Rhology as an Easter present. :+)

  2. Easter? You mean Zombie Jesus Day?

  3. I love you guys, but I know where it ends: When you start telling me to rub my nipples.


  4. How much? Do you export them?

  5. I added my order to it. Even if you don't get enough for another batch you can keep my money as a donation to the ACA.

  6. Martin,

    I know you are really pushing these, and they are just fine, don't get me wrong (or do, if you so desire), but do you already have, or could you make shirts that are geared towards the actual show instead of just the blog?

    Maybe something with a good quote from one of the episodes on the back by yourself, Matt, Russell etc? A "What atheists believe" statement, or maybe something more humorous like an explanation of why we don't die when the sun goes down, or even the back and forth dialog of the "best caller ever". I'm sure you see where I'm going with this.

    I'd be more inclined to purchase something in that vein.

    Just a semi-humble suggestion.

    Thanks friend!


  7. How I do know what size I am? Can I just say "fat?"

  8. Corey Parker: I love you guys, but I know where it ends: When you start telling me to rub my nipples.

    Come on, man, you love it, you know you do. In fact, you're doing it right now, aren't you!?

    Guillaume: If you check the pull-down menu over in the sidebar, you should see prices for orders outside the US.

    BeamStalk: This may be a good time to remind everyone these shirts are items I've privately produced, and not official ACA merch. However, if in the unlikely event a second run doesn't happen, I'll honor your request and kick the cash towards the group.

    Niko: Thanks for your ideas, but see above. The blog is not an official ACA thing, but the TV show is. So any merch promoting the show would have to be decided upon by Matt D. and the ACA Board of Directors, and then sold by the organization. It wouldn't be right for me to do it unilaterally, as I'm sure you understand. The other blog team members are free to offer anything they'd like here on their own as well: for instance, if Tracie wanted to make some "Atheist Eve" stuff. Personally, I'd love a TV show shirt, perhaps with Moohammed's bovine face lovingly looking out from it. Not up to me, though.

    BrainFromArous: Well, is "fat" what the tags on your existing shirts say? :-) For the record they can go up to XXL, or higher if the buyer doesn't mind paying a few more bucks.

  9. Martin,

    I completely understand. Still, maybe some ideas to pass on to the elusive "others" (sounds conspiratorial that way).

    Hopefully you'll write some more great articles about The World's Stupidest Christian™. Good times those, good times. I'm sure he has to have written something worthy of ridicule on his blog lately hmmm???


  10. Ahh okay, thanks for clearing that up Martin, I didn't realize. Thanks for honoring my request though.


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