Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pitt and Clooney pwn Larry "I'm Still Not Gay" Craig

Hadn't seen this before, but it's hilarious. Leave it to the two coolest guys in Hollywood to know exactly how to let hypocritical neocon politicians have it where the sun don't shine. And that's all the innuendo for me, thanks.

(Context: Clooney's Ocean's Eleven costar Julia Roberts is winning an award, and Clooney can't be there, so he's sending a video congratulations.)


  1. If I could ask, on a completely unrelated topic, have you guys seen all that crap Dinesh D'Souza tried to pull in his debate with Daniel Dennett? The debate's posted on and YouTube. I wrote a short review of it focusing on a handful of his bad arguments; but the whole thing was so nauseating to watch. Poor Dennett! You can tell he was getting irritated. I don't actually recommend spending 2 hours of your lives watching the exchange, because D'Souza trots out the same old theistic arguments; I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen it and what they think.


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