Friday, December 28, 2007

Christian Love™ brings people together!

I can't resist hilarious stories like this. Seems two different groups (gangs?) of priests — one Greek Orthodox, the other Armenian Apostolic — were cleaning up inside Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity when some careless fellow set foot in the other group's section, setting off a bloody turf war. About 80 men of the cloth whaled away at one another with brooms until the police were called in to break up the rumble. Just amazing. Apparently there were "long-standing rivalries" between the two groups. You'd think if there were a God, he'd step in to clear that sort of thing up. Mediate, you know? After all, how can they expect to fend off the evil atheist secularist liberal Darwinist scourge if they can't even get along with each other?


  1. In this scenario, very "rare" concerning religion, you know that very [irony] organitation that makes you infalible and the beacon of justice and goodness[/irony] there are only two outcome to any outsider witness. Close the eyes and leave the premises or just enjoy the whining. In my particular case, I think I wouild have opted for the second option.

    Pop corn anyone?

  2. That's funny!!!

  3. I wonder how easy it is to start fights in there. Go up to the Armenian and whisper "The Catholic guy over there just called you a cocksucker."


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