Thursday, September 27, 2007

In which I further abuse the mindless John Terry

The Northwest Arkansas News site has published one good letter to the editor excoriating John Terry for his vituperative anti-atheist rant posted last Saturday. (And to date, none supporting him.) We'll see if Terry has the stones to respond. I suspect that, like most fundie bigot morons, he'll respond to being called out on the carpet by hiding under his pulpit and babbling prayers for protection to his magic sky fairy.

Scanning some earlier op-eds from Terry, it comes as no surprise that the cretin is also a global-warming denier. In a piece posted July 28, which begins, amusingly enough, with, "I am not a scientist. In fact, the science courses I had to take in my general education bloc as an undergraduate were taken under duress.... I just never knew what it was all about," (well, knock me over with a feather!), Terry still feels confident enough to conclude:

...I firmly believe that Almighty God is in charge of the universe, and that He will not let man destroy it.... It is wrong for a man like Al Gore, a pseudo-scientist at best, to fool the world into believing that man is on track to destroy what God made — and he is making millions doing it. It is hoped that he will be understood by thinking people before he begins to destroy our economy.

Well, Gore is understood by thinking people — among whose ranks Terry can only dream of inclusion — and they've decided he's right. As Terry already admits he's a non-scientist who floundered cluelessly through every science course he was forced to take in school, what, other than his 2000-year old book of bedtime stories, does he imagine qualifies him to judge anyone as a "pseudo-scientist"? In point of fact, scientific consensus is firmly behind the facts Gore revealed in his film. So, given that the linked report was in all likelihood put together by people who, unlike Terry, did not stumble like a musk ox with Downs Syndrome through their science educations, allow me then to access my inner Bill O'Reilly and entreat him to shut up.

(And as for Terry's remark about the economy, it only stands to reason a fundamentalist would care more abut money than the planet, eh?)

Update — 9/30, 10:45 pm CST: Two more good anti-Terry letters, none yet supporting him.


  1. "...I firmly believe that Almighty God is in charge of the universe, and that He will not let man destroy it...."

    This reminds me of the old joke where a man refuses to be rescued off the roof of his house in a flood because he thinks god will (personally) save him.

    How does Mr. Terry know that god isn't working through Al Gore? After all, Santa Claus works his miracles through store retailers every Christmas :)

  2. Why does any publication/periodical that wishes to be taken seriously allow commentary on scientific issues, such as global warming, from those who have specifically stated they hate science?

    That's like a Hospital asking the janitor for her opinion on surgical matters. What a sad miasma our national intellect has fallen to.

  3. Actually, phreemunny, it's lamer than that. It's like a hospital asking an anti-vaccination hysteric what should be done about a polio outbreak.


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