Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fundies to Naderize the 2008 elections? Eeen-teresting.

Dismayed by what they see as the likelihood that pro-choice Rudy Giuliani might have the GOP presidential nomination in the bag, this New York Times article hints that such prominent Christian conservative leaders as James Dobson and Tony Perkins might consider running a third party candidate. Which would rock, because while their candidate would never have any appeal on his own to reach beyond the wingnut base whose ideas about being a "values voter" stop at gay marriage and abortion, it might still be enough to split the conservative vote and get the Repugs out of the White House next November. Not that I have huge love for Hillary, but Christ, a dead wombat with a popsicle stick up its ass would be better in the Oval Office than Bush, and despite the fact all the Republican candidates are distancing themselves from him, I doubt that another GOP president would do much to steer our nation away from the course of folly this administration has led us down.

So I say "Bring it!" I can't wait to see exactly who Dobson and Co. think is ideal presidential material. Hey, I heard that madman Alan Keyes has thrown his propeller beanie into the ring! Maybe Dobson ought to look him up.


  1. Don't forget about Ron Paul...

  2. Well, I think Paul's appeal is largely to the libertarian wing. They're a solid voting bloc, but he isn't a candidate who was on any right-wing Christian's radar to begin with, I don't think. What will upset the GOP in '08 will be a schism within the Christian "values voter" ranks that managed to beat Kerry in '04 by coming out when they otherwise would not have, because Karl Rove got several anti-gay-rights matters added to numerous state ballots.


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