Wednesday, September 05, 2007

D. James Kennedy surprised to remain underground

Megachurch pastor and smarmy radio creationist D. James Kennedy died today at the ripe old age of 76.

Wait, wasn't D. James Kennedy in jail? No wait, that was Kent Hovind. Um, so is he the guy with the gay prostitute meth scandal? No, that was that Haggard guy. Let me see, Kennedy, Kennedy. Why does that ring a bell?

Oh yes, now I remember! D. James Kennedy is the one who helped Roy Moore move his giant two-and-a-half ton granite monument of the ten commandments into the courthouse in the middle of the night. Then he took video of the whole incident and sold copies in order to help pay for Moore's legal defense.

Well anyway, I guess that's one less con man to keep track of.


  1. Kazim, You need a book of the dead for all those who claimed christ would return in their lifetimes and that are now dead. It would be a great companion to the apocolypes list you guys use to run on AE.

  2. Hell yes, Zed. That would be a good idea, a worthy endeavor.

  3. from Schmitz Blitz:

    Kennedy marks the second death of a major figure in the religious right this year (after the May death of Jerry Falwell)--I wonder if this is making his followers and other fundamentalist Christians take a long hard look at the state of their faith, seeing as they generally consider earthly tragedies and misfortunes to be punishments from God (recall Robertson's remarks on Ariel Sharon's stroke, and the countless comments made by others with regard to Katrina).

  4. I would like to see the list Zed requested as well. That would be funny. The JW's alone would take up an entire book.

    Elizabeth: You'd think so--but it's only an act of god when it's harm toward someone they oppose. Harm to one of their own is either an unfortunate natural occurance, god calling someone home, god testing their faith, or Satan trying to demoralize them.

    Just like prayer. If you get what you pray for--your prayer was answered. If you don't get what you pray for--your prayer was answered as "no." No matter what happens--your prayer was answered.

    I'm not sure how that is different than no praying at all...but...?


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