Sunday, August 19, 2007

Liveblogging from the studio

Check it out. The access station has wireless coverage in the studio, and I have a new laptop for school. And here we are.

Weird coincidence today -- Don's on the show, and both Tracy and I independently decided to show up to spectate. This is the biggest collection of current "talent" that we've ever had in here, to my recollection.

Bonus: if any caller says something that needs to be verified today, I can Google it!


  1. Really good show. I loved the last caller--Michael(?). I'll be haunted by that catch phrase now..."OK, now listen to THIS..."

    Unfortunately they ran out of time before he got to tell us what the atheist "god" is...Now I'll never know what my god is--except he did squeeze in that it wasn't "science." The next most common insert there would be "mankind" or the "self." But Mike was so unique, I can't be sure what he was going to actually say. I'll have to "stay tuned" to see if he calls back. He was great!

  2. Hooray. Should be a good resource. I've been listening to both podcasts for over a year now (an lovin' 'em). But since older AE's got posted on Google video I've also been catching up on them.

    Maybe this problem's already been solved, but...

    How 'bout caller ID, so crank callers would be screened out after an infraction or 2? I'm getting really sick of that kid who was calling in every week (sometimes more than once).

    Keep it up, guys. I'm thinking of calling in from London, Ontario one of these weeks.



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