Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And I thought I was the world's most stubborn procrastinator!

Megablogger and science fiction writer John Scalzi demonstrates once again that he will think of anything, and I do mean anything, to avoid having to meet a writing deadline. Here's an impromptu home movie (in ToyVision!) mocking Ken Ham's belief, enshrined in his moronic Creation "Museum", that dinosaurs co-existed with people and that the fearsome T. Rex was actually a placid coconut-eater until that dadburn "fall of man" thing that fucked it all up. The video is silly as hell and a total waste of time. But then, so is the "museum," so Scalzi's essentially mocking Ham at Ham's own level.


  1. We are talking about the guy who actually taped raw bacon to the side of his cat as a work-avoidance maneuver, after all....

  2. Yeah, and how many zillions of hits did he get that day? Maybe that's our problem here. We post too much serious stuff and not enough pointlessly silly crap! ;-)


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