Monday, April 30, 2007

No news, still, about would-be clinic bomber

We're still having to wait a bit longer for anything tangible to be reported on the motives and desires of would-be Austin abortion clinic bomber Paul Ross Evans.

In the meantime, the Statesman has done one of those filler stories to whet the public appetite for information that actually contains no information, beyond the boilerplate interviews with people who knew him back in his hometown, who are, naturally, shocked by Ross's arrest and describe him — as most crazies tend to be described — as "pleasant and polite."

Fascinating how some of the worst crimes we see are committed by people who were just nice, quiet, ordinary guys who never seemed like they'd hurt a fly. You never hear them described thus: "Yeah, I always knew that son of a bitch was headed for trouble. The day he burned my house down and shot me in the stomach six times, I just had a feeling he'd get himself in serious trouble one day!"

So, nothing to see here, folks, except for this ironic and amusing comment from a Lufkin police sergeant: "We don't really have extremist groups here. This is the heart of the Bible belt." Ah yes, right you are.


  1. Actually, that's not always the case. In the Virginia Tech shooting, there was plenty of evidence that the guy was a wacko.

  2. >"We don't really have extremist groups here. This is the heart of the Bible belt."

    What can you even say to that? It's just ironically hysterical. I guess by "extremist" he meant constantly violent? I'm guessing. But, yeah, fundamentalist literalism isn't an extreme form of Xianity? Funny.


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