Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bomb suspect popped, but who is he?

Austin police have arrested an ex-con named Paul Ross Evans for leaving the explosive device outside the women's clinic. As a person, he seems to be a bit of a cipher. No one's been able to determine if he belongs to, or has ties to, any of the well-known, violence-advocating anti-abortion groups (like Operation Rescue). His prior convictions, for which he was paroled in 2003, were for burglary and armed robbery. Clearly, this is a bad dude, and I really don't like that our system allows them to be paroled so easily. If you're convicted of violent crimes, as his were, you should at leave have to serve half to two-thirds of your prison time, instead of one year, before you get let back out on the streets to wreak more havoc.

What impressed me most in the article were the investigative techniques used to nail Evans, involving tracing the purchase of the materials found at the crime scene. Note to redneck would-be terrorists: don't buy all your shit at the same Wal-Mart the day before undertaking your courageous, lonely mission against the forces of darkness. And if you pay with a debit card instead of cash, you're a tool who frankly deserves to be Darwinized right out of the gene pool for sheer idiocy.


  1. When I read about this, I thought one thing: "Christian". Who else would get so worked up into a lather about a family planning clinic? I don't know of any news item that's explored the guy's motivations, so I don't know whether they're hidden by him or just the media.

    After reading Martin's post, now I wonder if he wasn't part of one of those Christian ministry programs while he was in the slammer. They're training an army of God with far less in the way of moral sense than the average guy. It won't be long before Christian crime becomes commonplace as a result. I can't wait.

  2. I agree with don on the gotta be a Christian thing. This sort of thing really does have Christian extremist written all over it.

  3. Someone has to be pretty stupid to commit this kind of crime in the first place. So I don't expect one to foresee possible investigation techniques and come up with ways to bypass them... The smart criminals all work in either the corporate-world or the government.


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