Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another tragedy brings out religious smarm

Here's a story about the sinking of a cruise ship off the coast of Greece, in which almost all passengers and crew survived, and here's the obligatory dumbass comment by some of said survivors:

The couple says prayer is the reason why only two out of 1,600 people were reported missing.

Guess those two were off having gay sex somewhere.

No comment on why God didn't prevent the wreck in the first place.


  1. how can a father and his 16 y.o. daughter (i'm talking about the 2 missing people) have gay sex?



  2. I noticed another version of down that particular rabbit hole this morning at church. The pastor's wife was talking with another woman and me on the general topic of pregnancies and difficulties therein. She mentioned a friend of hers who had a several miscarriages and then triplets; one had severe CP, one was unable to walk, one had few problems. The pastor's wife's comment on it was that it's such a shame, but things happen, and praise God the one is ok.

  3. how can a father and his 16 y.o. daughter (i'm talking about the 2 missing people) have gay sex?

    I do believe I was being facetious.

    But yeah, thank God they were killed and all.

  4. Martin, you are so correct in pointing out the idiocy of the religious when in accidents like this (or natural disasters such as the tusnami a couple of years back) they somehow attribute all or part of the "good" outcomes to their all powerful, all knowing, all loving God --- but then fail to see the remainder, the bad outcomes and how their God is totally unaccoutable for that piece of the event.

    It is one of the most stupid, idiotic things the religious do. They simply can't think through the ramifications of their construction of God and of the reality of the world we exists in.

  5. Check the last sentence of my post. I don't fail to see that at all. Been at this a long time, anon.

    But thanks for filling in the details so well.

  6. On the news tonight up here in Dallas, they were covering the effort by neighbors to clean up the wreckage left of some houses by Friday evening's tornadoes. One guy who was working was interviewed and went on and on about how this was the work of Jesus, to pull people together. And I mean went on and on.

    Maybe I'm just a negative person, but if it was my house that was damaged, I'd rather pull people together with a neighborhood keg party than having them pull trees off my house.


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