Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Film producers the Weinsteins bring a dirty bomb to the War on Christmas

Over at my film blog, Mr. Wagner's Final Cut, I have a snarky little post in which I express much amusement at the way Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the moguls formerly of Miramax and now releasing as The Weinstein Group, announced they were launching a new company to distribute "faith-based" films, only to follow it up by slating the stupid splatter horror movie Black Christmas for release on Christmas Day itself. At least one right-wing blogger has gone completely apeshit. One wonders, though — is this such a bad release strategy? And why, if Christians are really so offended by Hollywood's predilection for exploitive trash, aren't any them going to see The Nativity Story?

Enjoy the snark in full at the link.

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  1. Well, when you consider that the most recent movie made for an intended audience of Christians, The Nativity Story, has been sinking like the Bismarck, that might not be a bad plan after all. Nativity's weak business (barely $16 million in its first 10 days) has left New Line wondering if that vast Passion of the Christ audience might have already been Raptured away.

    Great writing over there, Martin. That's some funny stuff!


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