Friday, December 29, 2006

Bored gaming

The demented duo, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, are at it again. I've already posted lengthy responses to their "Way of the Master" series, covering episodes on atheism and evolution — but it seems they haven't bothered to read and learn.

Their latest endeavor is a new board game called "Intelligent Design versus Evolution". According to Kirk Cameron,

We are very excited about this game because it presents both sides of the creation evolution argument, and in doing so, shows that the contemporary theory of evolution is perhaps the greatest hoax of modern times.

Which means that they haven't actually presented both sides, they've simply presented their side along with their grossly misunderstood view of the actual science that supports evolution.

The goal of their game is to collect "brain cards" and the player with the most brain cards wins. The irony is so thick that the responses nearly write themselves...

Endorsing this brain trust is Ken Ham, the creationist responsible for and quotes like:

I don't use science to prove my religion. I use the Bible to build my science.

Evidently Dr. Dino is a little busy.


  1. So, it's a choice between an invisible being a long time ago creating everything out of nothing, and leaving no verifiable evidence whatsoever...and a process of biological change we can witness with our own eyes?

    I use the term "self-evident" pretty sparingly. I think it's often a misused and sometimes dangerous term. But evolution _is_ self-evident.

    A person has to ignore/deny that subsequent generations of biological organisms can vary based on breeding restrictions or emphasis. I hate to beat a dead horse (since I use this example every time evolution comes up)--but I can't stress enough that WE DO THIS ALL THE TIME in domestic breeding programs. If evolution didn't happen--we _couldn't_ breed domestic animals. All we'd ever get is one more generation of the same wild animals we started with. But we don't get that--because biological changes in breeding populations occur when breeding is restricted in some way--or stressed in some way. We can SEE this occur. We USE it to human advantage.

    It's like denying people need to breath to survive or saying the sky simply isn't blue. What response can anyone offer to such blatant disregard for observable reality? When I'm looking at a blue sky and seeing people dying of drowning--how can I agree these observations aren't "true"? [that people need to breath and the sky is blue.]

    It's just stunning in a really negative way to hear people say they "don't believe" in evolution; or that evolution is "just a theory"--just a theory we rely on for all our domestication programs! Did you enjoy that steak you had last night for dinner?! Where do you suppose it came from? Someone out hunting wild cows? If I hadn't already said so much about this, I'd swear this is nearly enough to leave me speechless.

  2. Who needs this game when there is clear proof of ID? The banana!(aka, the Atheist's nightmare)


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