Thursday, November 30, 2006

We ♥ all our new readers! This means you!

Welp, this is what a link from Pharyngula does for you. We certainly don't mind tripling our uniques in one day. Hopefully all of you will enjoy the AE blog enough to bookmark us, or at least take some hearty swings at us (or give us much love!) in the comments. Also, my article "Christians' Moral Blind Spot" is part of this week's Carnival of the Godless (hosted by Hellbound Allee), and some spirited commentary has gone on there as well. Anyway, thanks for dropping by, and we return you now to our regularly scheduled blasphemy.


  1. Although I've been a listener of The Non-Prophets and The Atheist Experience for a while, I didn't know you had a blog site until the link at Pharyngula.

  2. Welcome! I keep (a-hem!) reminding Matt to plug the blog on the TV show....


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