Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Blogger wackiness

While scanning the dashboard tonight, I noticed quite by chance that some legitimate comments had been snagged by the spam filter. So far Blogger's been doing a fine job of ferreting out the Asian pr0n and Markuze ravings, but there are some decidedly non-spam comments stuck in there as well. I'll go through some of these and try to clear the ones that are indeed legit, so if you've tried to comment here and wondered why it hadn't appeared, this may be why. One pointer for future reference: comments that include an inordinately large number of links seem to get autoplonked.


  1. I fully support the Atheist Experience from my Palace in Nigeria where 6 millions of dollars can buy you a penis to make her cry, and own no idea why there has been a spam filter difficultness.

  2. Most of us Blogger bloggers are switching to Disqus. It's a million times better and easier to use than Blogger's default comment system and spam filters. You get comment voting and threading, Facebook and OpenId logins, and if you get spam you just click once to ban the offender's IP.

  3. I prefer to keep blogs as simple,direct,clear, succinct and concise as possible without creating much clutter or links. I tend to skim through lengthy posts and I'm only willing to check a link every so often if it looks important. I haven't had no problems with the anti-spam filters as such.

    I like filters that keep people from writing books or posting endless links in the comments section. I think I've seen enough comment posts to realize nothing more can probably be said in a lenghy post then a well written short post.

  4. @Honest_guy87110 - I do try to read every post, but I too find myself skimming sometimes on longer posts. I am trying to keep my own posts short and succinct. (I can ramble on at times.)

    @Mike D - I am of the mindset that a blog is a blog, and a forum is a forum. I agree with Honest_guy87110 that a blog should be clean and clutter free. There is a forum at that has topic specifically for The Non-Prophets / Atheist Experience. I just signed up there today myself, I'm just waiting for member access so I can post. (ahem, hello IronChariots mods) I don't know why I didn't sign up there sooner. While I do love the blog, there are times I want something a little more dynamic.

  5. I decided my post is a bit misleading. There are sometimes indepth intelligent postings that sometimes require multiple long paragraphs and perhaps a few relevent web links. It's just I've just seen way too many unintelligent, rambling posts scattered over the internet which really say nothing. I don't think the postings have been too bad on here least since I been here.

    I'm constantly trying to refine ways to be more succinct because I used to be a rambler. I think a lot of theist callers like to ramble.


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