Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Atheist Experience blog is moving!

(Original title: Important changes coming to the blog October 1!)

Commence unfounded wild speculation in 3... 2... 1...

Edit: As the commenters pointed out, the surprise is already spoiled, so never mind.  We're officially packing our bags and moving out of blogspot and into

New URL!

We're all delighted to be joining the likes of PZ Myers, Ed Brayton, Jen McCreight, Greta Christina, and many other terrific bloggers at the new server.

Still trying to get all of our regular editors to create their accounts, and tinkering with the posts I'm migrating from here.  Long story short, most likely this will be the last post at the old address.


  1. Hopefully a move to freethoughtblogs?

  2. Pffft. It's not speculation when the FB page declared it.

  3. Did they? ...Bastards.

    Oh well, so much for suspense. :)

  4. Saw it coming a mile away, spoilers or no. Congrats, though!

  5. Are you still keeping this site alive though? There are a lot of genuinely good posts here and I'd like to still be able to view them and read the comments.

  6. I don't see any reason to shut down this site. However, ALL posts and comments have also been transferred to ftb.

  7. People are already whining about the ads. I don't know how Blogspot manages to be ad free. They might collect and sell user information, I don't know.

    But to get a basic dedicated server from Rackspace will be a bit over $500/mo. A decent cloud site will start at $150/mo, I think. Then add to that whoever was tasked with building the site, setting it up and maintaining it getting some kind of compensation.

    This shit costs. Do people want freethought blogs, or not?

    I DEMAND that it be shut down because ADS ARE INTOLERABLE.

  8. Firefox has this thing called Adblock. I'm amazed some people still haven't heard.

    Anyway, the ads delight me. The fact that atheist blogs are being peppered with Christian advertising...don't they know they're just giving us material?

  9. Hopefully, they'll work out all of the problems that site is having soon.

  10. All my favorites in one place, nice.

  11. Are you going to have this site redirect to the new one at some point, or should I keep both bookmarked?

  12. @Martin, I sometimes catch myself not understanding some peoples complaints about ads since I've been running ad-block plus for so long lol :P.

  13. No, THIS is the last comment ever. Mwahahaha! >:D

    And actually, I'm closing off the comments now so that we don't get swarmed by spammers in the future.


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