Monday, September 05, 2011

"21 dead in religious rioting in central Nigeria"

I don't have much to comment on here. Just to say we hear often about religious persecution of Christians around the globe from Christian news sites. We don't usually hear about Christians murdering people of other faiths, even though it happens. So, just to share:


  1. I forgot who said it, perhaps Christopher "Our Hero" Hitchens, but we'll never hear reports of those angry atheist pillaged, or raped, or oppressed or killed on the news. awesome buddy.


  2. But they're not true Scotsmen!

  3. Hitchens is aa warmongering fool, and i find it hard to balance my respect for him for his work on atheism and my contempt for his role in justifying the Iraq war in the English media. He isn't a hero in my eyes, just a man with good and bad.

    I wonder if there is a site tallying up the bodycount of religion in the world of today. If not, there should be one.

  4. Religion is just an excuse. Most religions are against violence anyway, as atheists are against violence. The #1 reason for murder worldwide is money. Not Religion. However you will not find "The Moneyless Experience". It is needed though.

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  6. Most religions are against violence anyway

    Have you read the bible?

  7. There's a certain point to the "religion is just an excuse" line.* However, to claim that religions are against violence is patently absurd.
    What religion is against is violence perpetrated for reasons other than religion. They want god to have a patent on justifiable homicide.

  8. For example, this Calvinist guy I refernced to once before somewhere on this blog.

    God is the only one who possesses intrinsic worth, and if he decides that the existence of evil will ultimately serve to glorify him, then the decree is by definition good and justified. One who thinks that God's glory is not worth the death and suffering of billions of people has too high an opinion of himself and humanity

    [insert Crypt-keeper laugh]

  9. I was wondering, have atheists found a Christian version of Osama Bin Laden yet?

  10. Also I don't see how Murder is "bad" under atheism....

    Another question: (let's see the cop-out to the definition)

    If an atheist kills millions of people, would he still be an atheist? Because that would totally violate the atheist ethic. whatever that is....

  11. I was wondering, have atheists found a Christian version of Osama Bin Laden yet?

    You mean like Hitler? And before you say that he wasn't a True Christian™, then I remind you that there are plenty of muslims who'll say that bin Laden isn't a True Muslim™. I know one personally, who went on at length about how bin Laden had completely misunderstood the peaceful and kind doctrine of the Quran.

    Also I don't see how Murder is "bad" under atheism

    In a manner of speaking, it isn't. Nor is murder "good".

    Atheism has no moral doctrine. It also does not preclude any moral doctrine, other than those based on a deity (for obvious reasons.)
    As such, atheism is amoral. Not moral, not immoral, but amoral. Morality and atheism are simply totally unrelated.

    Talking about whether murder is bad under atheism is like talking about whether murder is bad under cajun-style cooking.

    It makes no sense.

    If an atheist kills millions of people, would he still be an atheist?

    For the reasons pointed out above, your question is meaningless. Please learn what atheism actually is (as opposed to your bizarre delusions) and then try again.

    And just to be clear, it's possible to come up with a belief system, which is atheistic and which has a moral code. However, this (obviously to anyone who bothers to think about it... hint, hint) says nothing about atheism as such.

    You cannot derive a moral system from atheism alone, anymore than you can derive morals from a lack of belief in Santa Claus alone. You need something else in there to provide the moral code.

    Maybe an example you can better relate to would help. You can't derive a moral system from belief in a god. This can be clearly demonstrated from the fact that various religions have had wildly differing and contradicting view on all sorts of ethical matters.

    In order to get to a moral code, you need something more. For one, you need some teachings about what god wants. You might also like to define god as benevolent, etc.

    Regardless, you need something more in order to make the moral code. That's true of both theism and atheism.

  12. Most religions are against violence anyway

    Have you read the bible?

    May I add. It contains a lot of sex too. Like the Sarah-Hagar story.


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