Saturday, June 05, 2010

A quick personal note

I'll be away from the blog for pretty much all the rest of the month, as I've been hired as 2nd assistant director on an independent feature film shooting in northeast Texas. However, I fully expect the rest of the crew (especially Tracie and Russell, who've been very active lately) to keep the blog's momentum going and be vigilant about moderating out the occasional bit of Asian pornspam and trollish ravings of you-know-who. I'll be posting regular Facebook updates (via the miracle of cellular phone technology) about on-set hijinks all month, though. So if you haven't friended me on FB yet, what're you waiting for?

I do plan on co-hosting tomorrow's show as scheduled, after which I'll be immediately on the road. Expect me back here after the 4th of July holiday. Everybody have fun while I'm gone! Just mop up the blood where necessary.


  1. As good as Tracie and Russell are, it won't be the same without ya Martin! Here's hoping the facebook updates match the style of your AE blog posts!

  2. hijinks, eh? sounds awesome. congratulations!

    *marches off to facebook*

  3. Don't work too hard, but work hard enough. See you, when you get back.

  4. independent feature film shooting in northeast Texas.

    Porn, in other words.

  5. They probably wouldn't need a 2nd AD if it was.

  6. We'll miss the attitude. Have a great month.

  7. Please, at least tell us it's an indie sci-fi or horror film and not one of those dreadfully earnest things about people, relationships and all that crap.

  8. "Dear Strong Bad,

    Does Strong Badia ever host a hideous growth on my butt festival? Err, wait. Independent film festival? Sorry about that. I get those two mixed up.

    Well, the short answer is no. The long answer is...


  9. If it's in Texarkana, I want a cameo. Are there any open parts for a big, tall, and ugly troll that smokes cigars and has gravy stains on his shirt? If so, I'm your man.


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