Monday, June 28, 2010

AustinCOR Billboard Campaign Starts!

This is what potentially millions of people will see over the next month as they travel south on I-35. The Austin Coalition of Reason, of which ACA is a member, officially kicked off its billboard campaign this morning. The billboard is located on I-35 north of Grand Avenue Parkway facing north. It's a message of inclusion, designed to let other atheists, secularists, and freethinkers in the area know they are not alone.

It's already been picked up by local news media, although KVUE is currently the only channel with the story posted. ACA Board Member and AustinCOR Coordinator, Don Rhoades, has done some heavy lifting today with news interviews. Check Don out on KVUE:

The disappointing thing about the campaign so far - the reporter here just couldn't report the story without putting an overtly religious spin on the whole thing. The title of this story was part of a quote from a local pastor, "Atheist billboard a great advertisement for God."

I guess if you think your god created a planet in a vast universe just for you, you just can't help thinking a billboard is all about you too.

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  1. Was there any talk of saying "Gods" instead of "God"?

  2. "Join the club" is WAY better than "you are not alone." Congrats, AustinCoR.

  3. Alright! That is so great to hear about and just up the road from me.

    skepticmatt - why? The majority of religious folk here (central tex) are monotheistic, so they would just say, why of course I don't believe in Gods, I believe in God.

  4. It's funny that people are so immature that they'll complain about a sign that they don't like just because they disagree with it. As if I, as an atheist, haven't seen enough churches, billboards advertising churches, and people of all faiths broadcasting their message at my front door. Grow a fucking pair.

  5. Yeah, as Drew said, there are literally thousands of signs/billboards from churches promoting their respective religions, and they complain when they see something they don't agree with. I'm not really surprised at all to be honest, in fact it's almost what I expect from religious people now. Double standards and self-righteousness.

  6. We need some of these in Maryland

  7. About how long do you think this billboard will go unvandalized?

  8. Hmm . . . is now the time to start going door-to-door handing out atheist tracts?

  9. I especially love that you put it on I-35--which gets a tremendous amount of traffic and also has a special meaning to a certain type of fundie who connects the road name I-35 to the bible verse Isaiah 35:8.

    So if anyone complains, tell them to read their Bible, where it clearly says there can be no error in the sign. :)

  10. "About how long do you think this billboard will go unvandalized?"

    That's what I'm wondering. It can't be long (especially after its been on the news... funny christian billboards - even ones with dead fetuses on them - never have news stories about them).

  11. I love it! There are so many positive paths that do not include a deity.

    The fundies are upset about this. Why are they not upset at the billboards that have some quote (like "Is your road going to my place?") that is signed "God"? Don't they mind people making stuff up and signing it "God"?

    Oh yeah...It's one of THEM making it up and signing god's name to it. LMAO

  12. I saw your billboard. Cool :)


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