Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ray Comfort recovers World's Stupidest Christian™ title from Denyse O'Leary

Just in case you were worried. See how much pure, unadulterated Raytardation you can catalog in this single passage.

Evolution has no explanation for man's beginning. Some of its believers think that perhaps there was a big bang, but they don't know where the materials came from for it to take place. They don't know what was in the beginning, but they are certain that there was no God. They believe the scientific absurdity that life rose out of non-life. It was simply a case of evolution-did-it.

Truly, I'm amazed the guy survives from day to day with such a profound lack of basic intelligence.

Here's more, if you think your poor skull can take it.


  1. What about those who agree with you? Ray comfort is an idiot. I'm sure he goes through life, knowung that what he's selling is complete rubbish, but hey, it keeps the cash (tax free cash) rolling in. Hey if it works, even though its immoral, based on delusion and really has no place in todays world, why not? Of couse there are a million reasons 'why not', but thats another story.

  2. What got my goat was when he said:

    "In truth, Albert Einstein was no different than most of us when it comes to a belief in God. He was what the Bible calls, an "idolater." He had his own conception of God. He made a god in his own image and was in transgression of the First and the Second of the Ten Commandments. "You shall have no other gods before Me," and "You shall not make yourself a graven image," are not confined to physically shaping a stone or wooden god. The Commandments include a god shaped in the mind.

    There is a serious problem though for the idolater. By their very nature idolaters reject the God of the Bible. The two aren't compatible. The God revealed in Scripture forbids the giving of homage to the non-existent, and in turn, the idolater refuses to give homage to the God of Scripture."

    To paraphrase and sum up Ray's mindless speak-talk: What-huh?

  3. Now be nice...it's not like Comfort has had the science explained to him over a hundred times.

  4. Man, you just couldn't make up someone that stupid.

  5. Quoting Comfort:

    'You are higher than the animals, in that you are a moral creature. The dictionary tells us that the word "creature" is "anything created, whether animate or inanimate." You were created by God with an inherent knowledge of right and wrong. That's why a civil court will punish you if you step over certain moral boundaries. No animal sets up court systems and strives, at tremendous cost to itself, to see that justice is done. '

    Really? That's the definition of "creature"? Talk about stretching the definition to fit your agenda:

    2. something that has been created, whether animate or inanimate: a creature of the imagination"

    Way to selectively quote there, Comfort. God must then be a creature of your imagination.


  6. If breathing and heartbeat weren't involuntary, he'd have buggered them up long ago.


  7. Unfortunately polygraphs aren't completely reliable. If they were I'd like to see Ray Comfort and his ilk put to the test: Do you believe what you preach? Really? Is the world 6000 years old? Really? Do you willfully misrepresent evolution? Do you think evolution necessitates a crocoduck? Really? Do you ever feel any shame? Would you like a banana? Would you tell any lie just to save people from your imaginary friend? Would you do the same if there was no money in it?

  8. In the words of the great Chandler Bing, to Ray Comfort: "how do you not fall down more?"

  9. Heh didn't realise I made one of his Christian Worldview Times blog summaries.

    It's just a collection of his blog articles.

  10. Reading through that one paragraph was posted, I don't see a single correct notion, and I don't plan to waste my time reading the rest of the article.

    That was just silly.

  11. You were created by God with an inherent knowledge of right and wrong.

    So,um, Ray? Why all the fuss about the apple if we already knew the difference?

  12. None of this is surprising. Comfort and Cameron are the kind of duplicitous cowards who will back down in front of someone who knows what they are talking about, accepting that they are wrong or misinformed: but the moment that they are no longer in front of that person, they will return to the lies.

    I watched it (YouTube) when Cameron was pushing their version of "Origin of Species" at a campus. Many of the students were refuting his crap and he was nodding along with them accepting that he had got it wrong. He then went right back to preaching those falsehoods in a new video he made.

    Those two don't care about the truth of what they say - only the impact on the listener.

  13. "This "benevolent" deity stands by and cruelly lets children starve to death--40,000 every 24 hours. He lets people die in agony of cancerous disease. Millions of them. He coldly watches as hundreds of thousands are crushed in earthquakes, drowned in floods, struck by lightning, and ravished by tornados and hurricanes."

    And do you know what the difference between this benevolent deity and your God Ray. The difference is that your God actually causes cancerous disease, earthquakes, and lightning. How many passages are there in the bible in which God either directly kills hundreds of people or orders his chosen people to slighter them?

  14. Wow... Just when you thought Ray Comfort couldn't get anymore ignorant.

  15. Pombolo it's all about "bypassing the intellect". They said so themselves.

  16. see now I'm reminded of Skeptoid's episode on Sarah Palin is not stupid. And I don't agree with his assesment. I don't think people are not-stupid because they believe wrong things sincernly. I think it's the liberal framing mistake to believe that someone can be corrected with improved education. With information this readily available such ignorance isn't acceptable and requires extreme laziness or obstruction. This makes these people stupid. They can learn and choose not to. I don't think Brian was right there. Having sincere convictions makes for shit. Believing unbelievably stupid things makes you stupid.

  17. I find it much easier to believe that Man created God than God created Man. We have historcal proof that Man creates gods: Zeus, Odin, Ra, the Great Spirit, etc.

    So where's the proof that God (or any-body else) created Man? Oh yeah, that's right, it's just because we exist! That proves everything! How silly of me!

  18. @Kyle S:

    Oh yes, I forgot about that phrase. Even so you would think that one could try and bypass the intellect, yet still remain consistent in your approach. They can't even do that. They concede points when they have no other option, then overtly lie about the same points when they think they can get away with it.

  19. Comfort always claims that atheists think that:

    1)The universe came from nothing
    2)Life came from non-life

    Leaving aside accuracy and depending on one's perspective, those simplistic statements may be relatively accurate descriptions of what many atheists think is likely to have happened.

    Well, God spoke the universe into being and created man from dirt. So, don't they believe the same basic thing with regards to those two claims?

  20. @Voldemorte13
    That seems to be part of his point. He might not use my wording, but what he is saying is this:

    "If you believe God is good, then you will see all the evil in the world and conclude he doesn't exist. My god can be a real bastard, sometimes. So, I look at all the evil in the world and see no contradiction."

  21. Robster said...

    "What about those who agree with you? Ray comfort is an idiot. I'm sure he goes through life, knowung that what he's selling is complete rubbish, but hey, it keeps the cash (tax free cash) rolling in."

    There is no doubt that Ray is a shyster and that at the least he at times suffers a teeny twinge of doubt about his sanctity, or maybe even guilt.

    However, I have serious doubts that he thinks that everything he is selling is bullshit. Ray Comfort is a genuine idiot, and an uneducated dolt. Take a good look at anything he has ever written. Not just the concepts but sentence structure, phrasing, word choice, logic, semantic content. Everything about the way he communicates from body language, facial expression, spoken word, written word, is that of a moron.

    He is the poster child for the Dunning-Kruger effect. He is so fucking stupid that he has no clue whatsoever why people of normal intellectual and emotional capacity think that his ideas are juvenile and idiotic. He is so stupid that if he were not focusing all of his resources on poisoning our society I would feel nothing but sorrow and perhaps a bit of pity for him, and would probably be a bit protective of him.

    He could be faking it, but if he is he is not a moron but a fucking genius. Not to mention an evil bastard.


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