Saturday, February 13, 2010

The show tomorrow and next weekend

Just a heads-up for all of you: tomorrow we've got the "No Boys Allowed" episode featuring the Jen & Tracie Power Team, fresh off their total ownage of Blag Hag's poll of atheism's most influential women. What can we say? Hit the UStream early for this one, gang.

The following weekend, sadly, we're going to be pre-empted, a thing that looks like it's going to happen one Sunday per month for the next couple of months, at least. This is due to ChannelAustin using the studio for training purposes, most likely, so there's not a whole lot we can do about it. Well, I suppose we could fill in that weekend by shooting at Matt's place again, but I suspect with his work schedule and getting over a cold, he's probably not up for the hassle of it.

And thus I leave you, dear readers, with a small irrelevant item that I have no doubt will top off your WTF tanks for the rest of the weekend: some imaginative entreprenuer has decided that the one thing women really need when hosting baby showers for their expecting friends is a fetus-shaped cookie cutter. You are encouraged to decorate the cookies made therefrom with the baby's name, thus committing all shower attendees to a bizarre and rather queasy-making form of communion as the baby is symbolically passed around and eaten. Well, necessity is the mother of invention, they say.


  1. I'm...having trouble coming up with something more fucked up to eat at a baby shower.

    Wait, do we know if the person who came up with these things is a Christian? Because that would be the GREATEST irony ever.

    "Hey, don't look at us atheists, it's those crazy *Christians* eating fetus cookies."

  2. Those cookies could be cool if there were a whole set of them: blastula, gastrula, pharyngula, etc.

  3. Are they the illegitimate children of the Pillsbury Doughboy?

    I am looking forward to the next show. I hope you talk about Valentine's Day, the one Pagan feast that Christianity utterly failed to Christianised (even moreso than Christmas), even though it now has the name of a Catholic saint. Funny they don't use chocolate and red lingerie as conversion methods. I wonder why...

  4. I've always appreciated Tracie and Jen's views when they were co-hosts in the past: I've looked forward to when they'd be on a show together.

    Only five hours to wait :)

  5. We've had a fetus cookie cutter for over a year - mostly use it for "fun", like at a "bad taste party", or Halloween... but a baby shower? That is creepy.

  6. Surely Krazy Xians can use fetus cookies seriously to celebrate the "preborn."

  7. Hi everyone.

    Just watched Jen & Tracie's show and I totally guessed what Jen was talking about.

    I just thought i'd share my smugness with everyone. Dum dee dum dee dum ;)

  8. The only thing more awkward at a baby shower would be if they made rounded versions of those little chalk-flavored hearts with the phrase "morning after" written on them.

  9. I'm smug too :). It was clear from the start that it was a "trick question".

    You could also talk about how terms referring to the minority orientation carry a bad connotation, and terms for the majority carry a positive connotation. Compare "sinister", "left-handed compliment", and "two left feet" to "dexterous", "ambidextrous", and "right-hand man".

    It's similar to how some people use the words "gay" and "queer" as generic insults.

    Great episode, anyways.

  10. I listened to the podcast (audio only) of the show, and I have no trouble telling Jen's and Tracie's voices apart!

  11. The all girl party was great. I wish I could have called in, as I have stuff from my classes in human evolution that tied in with the is/ought naturalistic fallacy.


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