Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hey gang. Here's a positive thing you can do, in the midst of a world overrun with teabagger hate and domestic terrorism and general irrationality. One of my best friends is doing this week-long, 545-mile bike marathon this coming June, from LA to San Fran, and it's all to benefit AIDS research. And she's looking for sponsors. So, you know, do eet for SCIENCE! And to piss off the homophobes at the American "Family" Association, the "Family" Research Council, and all those other fundamentalist hate groups who try to hide behind the word "family." I could only spare 10 bucks, so if $5 or $10 or $15 is all you can manage, that'd be beyond awesome. And I know all you folks are beyond awesome.

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  1. Maybe there's still a social stigma associated with it, but it seems to me like AIDS research doesn't get anywhere near the press or support as a great many other diseases and disorders.

    I can't throw a rock at a newspaper without hitting a story about a run or ride for MS, LGMD, breast cancer, even Parkinson's, but AIDS charity events seem quite rare which is disheartening considering that it affects millions of lives and is still a very horrible disease.


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