Monday, September 28, 2009

Watch found on bat cruise

Sorry for taking up space with this announcement. I mentioned this on the Atheist Experience yesterday, but I know a lot of people skip past the announcements.

Someone left a watch on the boat after the bat cruise ended on Saturday. I have it. If you think it may be yours, email with a description, and we'll figure out how to get it back to you.

I'm sure this needn't be said, but please don't waste time trying to be funny and pretend the watch is yours when you know it isn't. Also don't claim it in the comments on this message, as it is more likely to be noticed via email.


  1. hey guys, (ultra offtopic)

    wondering if you are aware of ustreams full recorded episodes that appear after you have done the live show.

    the 624 ep is up there quite fast after you make it. i dont like waiting for bliptv :)

  2. A watch you say...

    Well its obvious the watch was left on the boat by an intelligent designer, it didn't just get there by blind chance. You best get down on your knees and pray, PRAY to Casio (or whoever)!

  3. Is there any evidence that the watch was designed?

  4. i just wanna know who made that watch...

  5. Nonsense, watches occur naturally and need no creator or owner.

  6. Did you have a Mr. W. Paley on your cruise?

  7. Yes yes, the watchmaker jokes are coming hard and fast. Never would have predicted that! Heh.

  8. Isn't that clear evidence that people have the need to believe in the Watchmaker?

  9. I'm not gonna make another watchmaker joker, but I have to admit when I first saw the topic, I thought it would be some kind of anecdote illustrating a creationist (counter)argument.

    "You have gone on a bat cruis having a good time, and you are walking along the deck enjoying yourself when you find a watch. You ask around if it belongs to anyone, and an atheist and a theist both approuch you. The atheist says that the watch was formed purely by chance, so now you can keep it for yourself. The theist says that it is silly for things to come out of nothing and that the watch MUST have had a creator. And moreover, the fact that you have found the watch means that it is part of God's greater plan, and he meant for you to have it. You are the chosen one, the one with the watch which will rule all watches, the watch to find them, the watch to bring them all and in the darness bind them. Now you must go and meet your destiny!

    ... you just take the watch and enjoy the rest of your cruise, while the atheist and theist keep fighting with each other."

    :3 but hearing some random person whom I don't know left a watch on a bat cruise on another continent was absolutely fascinating as well.

  10. Hey Russell, you should have seen how many "that's my watch" jokes came out in the chat when it was mentioned on the show. Probably broke a world record for largest number of lame attempts at humor(my attempts excluded, of course :)).

  11. Hello Alien,

    We purposely record the shows to ustream. They should show up just a minute after the show is over.

    They are usually appended by a date, but when I have time, I change this to the current show number.

    Thanks for watching

  12. As a podcast listener and viewer in Australia, i just want to ask, what evidence you can give me that this watch exists at all!? Is it transcendental? Should i take it on faith!?

    Hope you enjoyed the bats. Keep up the good work.

  13. Just wanted to let you know that the watch has been correctly identified and the owner is found, so now I'm just trying to get it to him.


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