Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We get email!

Here's a delightful missive from someone who assures us he's a "scientist"! I suspect he's more likely to be a typical example of the McCain/Palin — oh, I'm sorry, I meant Palin/McCain — cheerleading squad. His subject line was "How misleading your are" (spelled just like that, yes), and he goes on to say, without paragraph breaks (because those are for libruls and homos):

atheism is not new and is as old as religion itself believing in ones self then believing in god! i am a scientist not atheist.. I look at facts to back up my beliefs not speculations about if or not there is a god. I know there is billions of atoms and trillion to the 2nd power of DNA splattered through-out the universe and thing unexplained by science today! before you assume that there is no god or assume there is you must look at the evidence. and not at the winners of history's version of truth! just because they claim to be one thing doesn't mean they are that which they claim! atheist are the same you worry about about future and worry about today! as most humans do! I worry about my children and their future! but i look at the christian world and see a joy they have that no other set of people have! so i look at both sides no worries and a joy beyond measure.. or fear and self human interest! and believe in something greater then ones self .. hmm but left to human temper the world is then ruled by fear hatred and death.. wars.. disease..famine..religion has bring out love and understanding..but for a few bad apples take Islam for example it claim all infidels should be killed!! but in christian belief accept jesus into your heart and be saved beyond your earthly years! This is just a look at what are atheist and their views..looks like no-one ever thought it through we don't have enough evidence to claim there is no god! or creation..but belief..and then you must stomp out the belief in love hope and faith if there is no god.. for all the idea of god is a starting point of creation..if big bang is correct then god is the impact of two asteroids..but why hasn't their been another big-bang??? all the time asteroids impact each other..and the universe keeps expanding into infinity! atheism is a belief just as satanism is..belief in ones self!

If you made it through that lunatic eruption of verbal diarrhea, it's possible you may have some questions. Such as, what exactly is this "joy...that no other set of people have" that he seems to think exists in the Christian world? I mean, sure, they all seem like they're having fun at their church services, especially in those Pentacostal madhouses where they all hold hands and chant "ooga booga wakalakamaka" all the time. But get them out in reality, and you see a group of people governed almost entirely by fear — fear of gays, fear of "liberals" (defined as anyone out there who thinks people should be nice to everyone whether they're white and Christian or not), fear of science and education, fear of us "militant" "new" atheists, fear of all the soul-corrupting anal-sex loving Jews in Hollywood (that one courtesy of our pal Bill Donohue). And rather than assuaging those fears through understanding and knowledge, they nurture and cherish them. Nothing is more important to the fundamentalist mind than fear, because fear allows them to believe they are the oppressed rather than the oppressors, and feeds their need for martyrdom.

Come to think of it, our correspondent may be right after all. Perhaps this sort of thing is a "joy" that no other group has. If so, good thing! It doesn't seem like an especially joyous sort of "joy" when you think about it. I'd rather get mine from good old reality. Say, by things like walking my dog on a beautiful day. Which I think I'll do right now.


  1. "if big bang is correct then god is the impact of two asteroids..but why hasn't their been another big-bang??? all the time asteroids impact each other"

    Scientist, huh? Right...

  2. Ow! My eyes! My brain!

    When you read it on the show, it didn't seem as bad as it really is. I think the person just typed words as they popped into his head and then went back through and randomly inserted some punctuation.

  3. Wow. That's almost as painful as trying to read the writing on a Dr Bronner's soap bottle. Is he a "scientist" from Bizarro-Earth or something? Apparently there you need facts and evidence to prove something doesn't exist?

  4. A glimpse into the future after Palin/Mcain have office and cretionism is taught in science class :)

  5. You totally ripped that headline off from pharyngula! Anyway, I got about three "sentences" (if they can be called that) in before deciding the rest of the thing was not worth it. He sounds like a real "winner". For someone who claims to be a scientist who bases his beliefs on facts and evidence, he seems to not understand the basics behind what that evidence entails. And just because it only occurs in an obscure passage in the bible doesn't mean that Christianity is any less violent in their views about infidels than the Muslims. The only real difference is that most Christians choose to ignore the call to act on that violence (come to think of it, so do most Muslims, it's just that more Muslims than Christians do act on the edicts found in their holy books that we hear about it more in the media).

  6. I was going to use the headline "We get email too!" but I thought that was a little too on-the-nose.

  7. You've got to wonder about some people who call themselves 'scientists'. Do they just do it to manipulate the reader into taking their point of view seriously? "Look I'm a scientist, therefore my opinion is valid"

  8. "if big bang is correct then god is the impact of two asteroids..but why hasn't their been another big-bang??? all the time asteroids impact each other.."

    Poe's law, poe's law, poe's law, poe's law.

    This guy is a fucktard - the big bang is not two atseroids colliding, rather it is a theory that claims there was once a singularity that went through rapid expansion, to put it simply. How is it that if the big bang is correct then GOD is the collision of two asteroids? Great equivocation. He goes on to say that asteroids collide all the time, and then asks why hasn't their been a big bang. Self-contradiction: you defined "big bang" as the collision between 2 asteroids, claims that always happens, then claims the big bang, as he defines it, hasn't happened more than once. There are so many things wrong in this small quote it's unbelievable! ...

  9. "before you assume that there is no god or assume there is you must look at the evidence. and not at the winners of history's version of truth!"

    I know I don't even have to show what's wrong with what this guy says, but I just love humoring people.

    A positive claim contains an assertion that creates a circumstance around reality. A negative claim, because of dismissing the positive claim, and thus dismissing that that claim has any evidence supporting it, does not need evidence for itself only the diametric positive claim's lack of damn evidence. Even if the positive claim cannot have any evidence, ever, because the assertion doesn't allow for such a surrounding circumstance in reality that would be called evidence [i it points directly to the truth of this assertion], the negative claim would be correct because it assumes there is no evidence.


  10. Martin and Matt:

    A few quick points.
    1. Why would you choose to discuss this email, which obviously has no scholarly (even believers, are sometimes rational thinkers in some areas) value, basically an idiotic rant! You have wasted precious time.

    2. Matt said, "The burden of proof is on you" to the guy. Listen Matt, obviously to make "these guys" understand rational thinking, you have to explain it to them. I would do it like this:
    a. Before religion, there was no religion.
    b. Religion was "created" (I believe in creation, and no one can prove me wrong, Man created God!).
    c. Hence the creators of religion would have the burden of proof, to explain to non-believers, that God exists.

    Good job guys!
    Ahmed Hussein (strange? yes, even I can be an atheist)


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