Monday, September 15, 2008

How I wish, how I wish you were here

You know you're getting older, not only when all the favorite bands you grew up with are suddenly thought of as "classic rock," but when their members start dying on you. Now we've lost Richard Wright of Pink Floyd. Major bummer. And all this time I'd been sure Keith Richards was the guy well and truly overdue for a visit from the reaper.

I don't know if there's a "great gig in the sky," Rick, but if so I'm sure it's a far better place to be than what the pious are trying to sell me. Thanks for all the music. Shine on.

Nick Mason, Dave Gilmour, and Rick Wright


  1. I just got out of class and heard about this. What a buzzkill that all my favorite celebrities seem to be dying off lately. It just doesn't seem fair. Richard Wright is gone, while all members of Nickelback continue to breathe.

    This alone should be proof that there are no gods (apologies, of course, for anyone who can tolerate the blather that is Nickelback).

  2. A sad loss - where is Roger from the photo?

  3. Just finished listening to Great Gig in the's one of my favorites, and some of Wright's best work on the piano, IMO.

    I'm both sad that he's gone and happy that he provided me so many hours of beautiful music - some of which contributed to many positive changes in my life.

  4. Thanks for that sad news, Martin. I didn't hear of it.

    The last I saw Floyd (94' I believe)was in Houston's Rice outdoor stadium. They had to cut it short because, as typical of Houston, the storms were coming in. It was actually a blessing because they played every single favorite songs of mine. I was memorized because it wasn't a long show (just over an Hour) but they turned on all the effects for us and gave a visual journey we all will never forget.

    When it started to really rain the Lasers were bouncing off the rain to form the most beautiful dance of nature and man. It was epic to see my favorite band, all jam in the pouring rain, with the lightening in the background the rain pouring and the lasers bouncing and flashing all over. Words won't do it to explain the beauty. It was very spiritual for myself, and from what I heard afterwords, for all of us at the stadium. It started to get frightening because David Gilmour was getting shocked while playing the guitar. Like a true pro he stopped, wiped off his guitar, and then to all our amazement he kept playing! The crowd went bananas!

    A couple of years after that I went to see Roger Waters in a very intimate Concert where I was about 20 feet away from Waters. It completed the Floyd fix I had for many years and I never did get to see any of them again. The talent of that group was beyond this world and Richard Wright's keyboards changed music forever, in fact they all did. There is now a void in the music world, and I agree, I am feeling quite old now.

    Thanks Martin, now my entire day will be spent listening/watching them. This day will be gone in remembrance of my 'Brain Damage' days.

    Floyd will always be in my heart because I was transformed the minute they came into my life as 'Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathering Together In A Cave And Grooving With a Pict.' (Yes, Animals was my favorite album)

  5. Fact check: Animals was my favorite but small fury animals came from Ummagumma...oops

  6. InGodWeRust: Judging by their ages I'm pretty sure the photo is from their post-Momentary Lapse trio incarnation.

  7. Weird. When I read about Rick Wright, I actually wondered if you guys would mention it in the blog or one of the shows. Then I thought, "nah, why would they? There's nothing atheist about it." And then I click on the AE blog.

    It is indeed a shame. PF is one of my all time favorite bands, and yeah, it does suck to see your idols slowly dying on you.

    Let's all become Hanson fans! That way we can all die before them. :)


  8. As for Keith Richards, all of the substances he has consumed probably combined to act as a preservative!

  9. God Bless! Love the layout of your blog. Very impressive.

    Have a blessed day!

    In God's Love,
    Terry Burton

  10. I can't stop listening/watching them.

    I read Wright was a Christian so it appears he is now playing the Great Gig in the Sky

    Care to join us all in some beautiful music when we all arrive? I always imagined 'Ode to Joy' playing but to be greeted by Wright is just as good if i dare say even better. Join us.


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