Friday, February 01, 2008

Coming up on the TV show: Growing up atheist

I've been drawing a blank on new show topics this week. It doesn't help that we're apparently going to be broadcasting opposite the Superbowl this Sunday, and so it's likely we won't get many callers to carry the show. This doesn't matter to people who listen via podcast, but it does make it difficult to plan how to fill the time.

I did a show on atheist parenting once. I got some email after that which said "How about a show about YOUR experiences as a lifelong atheist?" Everybody knows Matt's story by now, about how he was studying to be a minister before deconverting. By contrast, my story is probably a lot less exciting because mainly it involves just having a normal childhood, apart from the fact that my parents happened to be atheists. Seriously, I never felt particularly persecuted, I had lots of Christian friends who didn't bother me very much, and my parents loved me. No big falling out. It's kind of boring, really.

There are a few things I guess I can draw on. I had some interesting encounters with Christian kids while I was growing up in Alabama. My atheist, scientist parents taught me somewhat different lessons about life and morality than the standard "Do this because God said so" lessons. And also, the fact that I'm a Jewish atheist and I had a bar mitzvah is kind of interesting.

Hope this topic isn't too egotistical -- just remember that it wasn't my idea. And if there are some Austinites out there who care as much about football as I do (i.e., you don't) then please plan to help fill out our phone lines if we appear to be struggling.

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