Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The word "reality" applies only loosely here

Introducing the most pointless "reality show" ever: America's Psychic Challenge!

America’s Psychic Challenge pits amateur psychic from around the country against each other in a series of challenges to see who will be "America's #1 Psychic”.

Yeah, I have a few predictions to make myself.

  1. Out of all the competitors, somebody will win.
  2. The name of the winner will have some vowels in it.
  3. It will also have consonants.
  4. Being "America's #1 Psychic" is about as impressive as being "America's #1 coin flipper." Somebody can win the competition by winning the most consecutive coin flips. But it doesn't mean that they can actually do anything -- apart from maybe cold reading in this case.


  1. I wonder if the dunderheads who watch this show will win the America's Most Gullible Television Audience?

  2. Oh, I'll definitely watch it, if only to see which con artist/nutjob America thinks is the conniest or nuttiest.

    And you know that, with the media exposure, they'll bring the skeptics out, if only for the ratings. And every second someone like Randi, Robert Lancaster, Michael Shermer, Joe Nickell, or Penn Jillette is on TV is a precious, precious moment.

    Here's hoping that Randi takes every episode apart, piece by insipid, insulting piece.

  3. Screw this show! Watch that show with the bands, also on Fridays-- Some friends of mine are supposed to be on it! I predict it will be just okay! (but they will in fact rock) and I'm not even psychic!

  4. Project Alpha redux?

    Get a couple good fakes in there and when they win, announce to the world how it's done.

    You know, again.

  5. If they really were psychic, they wouldn't need the show because they would know which one would be the top psychic, no?

  6. Why bother to have the contest at all?

    A real psychic should already know who is going to be the winner.

  7. I saw the promo for this the other night and was APPALLED to see Uri Geller on thel list. I thought, "I wonder if they're going to have James Randi on as well to follow him up?" I'm old enough to (start sentences with "I'm old enough to remember"!) to remember when Randi appeared on television after Geller time and time again--humiliating him repeatedly and showing him up for the fraud he is.

  8. There was a sort of reaility show like this one on Spain, a couple of years ago, called the "Castle of the prodigious minds" Full of this kind of people, who, by the way, never saw many of the things and accidents in the house before hapening.

    Yeah, very prodigious indeed :P


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