Sunday, October 15, 2006

Warning: you will need a shower if you click this...

Just when you thought you'd seen everything: here comes the Christian Boylove Forum.

Christian Boylove Forum participants believe that a distinction must be made between feelings of attraction (which are not chosen) and behavior (for which one must be held responsible). We believe that boylovers can control and channel their feelings so that their relationships with boys are beneficial and honor God. We are strictly opposed to any treatment of children which is contrary to the love that God intends us to have for them. This includes the manipulation, coercion and abuse of children.

If this means they're hoping their forum will prevent pedophiles from actually acting upon their urges, more power to them. But, you know...eew!

(PS: Since they seem to be of the idea that pedophilia isn't a choice — quite likely sadly true — I wonder if they split from mainstream Christian thought concerning whether or not adult homosexuality is a choice?)

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  1. That's a good question. And I think they'd almost have to take the stance that attraction isn't chosen. I have heard Xians say this. Some say outright that homosexuality is OK. And some say they just don't judge. Some say you can have "feelings" but can't act on them. And others condemn it outright whether it's a choice or not. I think these guys would likely lean toward the "gay conversion" crowd--where gay Xian guys go to learn how to get married and have kids and just "live with" their same-sex attraction without acting on it.

    I think it's sad that people can convince other people to behave against their nature by saying that's natural--but if it's consenting adults--what can I say? The only downside is that I'm sure some of these people started getting negatively hammered about their gay attractions when they were much younger than "adults."

    Way to mess people up.


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