Saturday, October 21, 2006

Florida schadenfreude continues: Hovind's hubris will bring him down!

One can only imagine the glare on his face, and the word "Judas!" stuck on an endless loop inside his ever-so-loopy mind, as Kent Hovind watched his lawyer friend David Charles Gibbs effectively tie his noose on the stand in his tax-evasion trial. According to Gibbs, Hovind's belief that he owed no taxes was rooted in a rather inflated sense of self-regard...

"He tried to stress to me that he was like the pope and this was like the Vatican," Seminole attorney David Charles Gibbs testified at Hovind's trial before U.S. District Judge Casey Rodgers.

LOL, ROTFL, and other snarky internet abbreviations! Even as an atheist I stand in awe of Michelangelo's achievement on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. How deluded must Dr. Dumbo be to think the plywood cutout dinosaurs in his dippy theme park deserve comparison even on the subatomic scale?

Gibbs said Hovind tried to persuade him he had no obligation to pay employee income taxes and explained with "a great deal of bravado" how he had "beat the tax system."

Gibbs said Hovind also told him he preferred to deal in cash and that when you are "dealing with cash there is not way to trace it, so it wasn't taxable."

Hey, it works for drug dealers, right?

When you think you're the Invisible Sky Fairy's official spokesman on Earth, I'm sure a bit of cockiness is in order, but here old Kent clearly isn't even being subtle about thinking the laws of the land don't apply to him, and proclaiming it loudly to boot.

Check the article's comments, too. The majority of Christians are openly abandoning Hovind, if they ever accepted him in the first place. His only supporters are from the lunatic fringe of tax protesters, paranoid conspiracy theorists, and those guys who hang out in rural cabins with canned food, a shotgun, and a tinfoil hat, waiting for the Apocalypse.


  1. I wonder how all the people who "believe" will deal with the fact that he got what he so richly deserves? It is not gawds will anymore if it happens to somebody they support? Must be the evil state...
    Not that i'm sure most rational believers really supported him anyway.

  2. The last two lines, of this article, made it necessary for me to procure a new keyboard. K, thnx.

  3. This guy is using dime-store tax evasion tactics. These arguments about the government owning your name if it's all in caps, etc., were used by the Posse Comitatus and Repblic of Texas deadbeats and have been struck down by all the federal and IRS tax courts. To raise this as a a defense shows extreme desperation.

  4. "It is not gawds will anymore if it happens to somebody they support?"

    You hit a nail on the head with that comment. "God's will" is a totally "use when necessary" logic tactic. The other popular one is "We can't always understand god," which comes up whenever something they want to believe contradicts logic or physical reality.


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