Thursday, December 06, 2007

Statesman reader response to the TEA debacle

Man oh man. The whole Chris Comer thing is looking like one colossal embarrassment for the Texas Education Association, who are being vilified in editorials and opinion columns everywhere. The Austin American Statesman website has posted a page full of letters to the editor, and not one of them — not even the one written by a Christian referring to God as "our gracious creator" (and it's quite possible more of the letter writers are believers who just didn't bring up their thoughts on God) — is supportive of the creationists' shenanigans. This could be a bigger blot on their copybook than even Dover. While the IDer's endlessly accuse scientists and academicians of suppressing the teaching of "strengths and weaknesses" or the "controversy" or whatever code words they wish to use to cover their creationist agenda, in actual fact, they're the only ones doing any suppressing.

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