Monday, July 18, 2011

It's time for the Blag Hag BLOGATHON for the SSA!

I'm not just on the Secular Student Alliance's Speaker's Bureau, I'm a fan of the work they do and as supportive as I can possibly be. (Which basically means that I talk them up whenever I can and then run around to whatever schools ask me to speak.)

Well, Jen McCreight of Blag Hag fame, is gearing up for another BLOGATHON to raise more money for the SSA. It seems that some people actually find time to not only blog, but blog for a good cause. In 2009, she raised $531.17 and last year she raised an amazing $2753.10...and this year, she's trying to raise BILLIONS (or at least "more").

So, if the SSA is your bag (and why wouldn't it be?!) and you have some money that you were saving for a good cause, get over there and donate!

Yes, I know, I've asked people to donate to the ACA, Camp Quest, American Atheists, The Atheist Community of Austin, Atheist Alliance America, The Texas Freethought Convention, The Texas Freedom Network, The Seculare Coalition for America, The James Randi Educational Foundation, Atheists Helping the Homeless and a few others...and it will continue. Why?

- Because these are organizations that are doing good work and need funding.
- Because everyone can't donate every time (or any time, for some) but without reminders donations tend to drop off.

Don't worry, I don't assume that you're a bad person for not donating. I've been poor (more than I'd like to admit) and unable to donate money.

I won't even think you're a bad person for not donating time - everyone isn't comfortable helping out.

But for those who can, or feel like the should, I'll happily show you a picture of intellectually-starved college and high-school students that should tug at your heart and purse strings...


  1. I just had a flashback of Sally Struthers in Africa

  2. How much do we have to contribute to keep Mat from appearing in drag again?

  3. @minus: The real question is, how much do we have to contribute to get Russel in drag?

  4. I wish I had money to spare :P DAMN YOU SCHOOL!

    On a side note, is there a Secular Student Alliance presence at Austin Community College?

  5. I wish I had been a member of such association back when I was an university student. I am not sure if the humanist association there is now was there then. The Christian Union was very present. I am sure it is still now.


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