Friday, February 11, 2011

Vote for Iron Chariots Wiki! is running various polls for favorite atheist resources, and Iron Chariots is among the finalists!

So yes, this is shameless self-promotion of an Atheist Community of Austin-originated resource, but there are other great reasons to vote for it. Bear in mind that as a wiki, the more widely Iron Chariots is known, the easier it is to draw in great editors and improve the content. So get out there and vote!

Edit: The Atheist Experience is currently running second place for best podcast.

Update: As has been pointed out in the comments, both of ours are handily ahead now. Go, fans! We loves ya.


  1. Done and done. +1 to Iron Chariots and AETV. :D

    On a related note, I didn't know Matt Dillahunty, Martin Wagner and you had Twitter accounts. No Tracie Harris or Jen Peeples, sadly. Well, loads of Tracie Harriseses(Harrii?), but not OUR TracieH. :P

  2. Yuriel - Jen has a Twitter account - @RationalJen.

  3. When I just voted, IC was in the lead!

  4. IC is kicking major ass now.

  5. Barbara - Ah, good to know, thank you. I wonder why it didn't appear when I searched for her name. Maybe I misspelled it.

    Had a bit of an amusing moment when I went to her page to follow her. I saw she put in her description "veteran lesbian" and thought "oh you kidder, you're much too young... no, wait, she was in the service, two separate things" xD

    Commas, tricky things, they are, innit?.

  6. Yuriel: FYI, I rarely tweet, but that may change later this year as I get my documentary project going later this year. So feel free to follow me if you wish.

  7. My votes are in!

    I would love to be a part of the community on Iron Chariots, I put a request in there a few weeks ago, but no replies yet.
    Did I put it in the wrong place?

  8. Martin: Way ahead of you. :P

  9. Thanks for the info. I just voted and you guys are well in the lead.

  10. I voted, & IC is a great resource I use at least weekly.


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