Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Open thread on Non-Prophets 9.8

It just occurred to me that I mentioned the new episode was up last week via Facebook, and of course you podcast-savvy listeners have already heard it. But for those who only rely on the blog for new information, you may not know that there is an all new guerilla episode featuring Lynnea, Jeff Dee, and me, Russell. Go check it out!


  1. I was actually happy to get that episode as a total surprise, so I am glad I missed the announcement.

    I thought it was a great episode. Regarding arguing (mythical) memes, I think the discussion got a bit confused because of the heat of the moment and semantics. In considering it myself, I tried to imagine the scenarios in which it would apply and at least a couple came to mind. I will use an extreme example that you all used on the show:

    1. discussing a subject that involves myths with someone: In this case, say you are an atheist talking to a theist- don't bring up "atheists don't eat babies" if it was never brought up in the discussion because the theist (and any outside observers) could go away just remembering you said something about atheists eating babies.

    2. rebutting a myth that someone presents: If someone says "i heard atheists eat babies," rather than phrasing it "atheists don't eat babies," present it as "That isn't true, in fact, atheists are more likely to [insert positive stat here]" Not only are you directly refuting the myth, you are giving counter info.

    Again, great show. You all wander around like crazy, but I sort of like it since that is what a good time out with friends is usually all about.

  2. I was also pleasantly surprised, no announcement needed.

    There was a bit too much in the "how cool am I?" department, but since you all are not sticklers for time limitations it's not a big deal.

    Keep coming back Jeff, you add a lot to the show. Now, if we can find some way to bring Shilling back . . .

  3. Yeah I was surprised there was a show, Its great to hear Jeff and Russel on the show, I hope the regular show comes back soon, It would be awesome if Tracie or Jen could come on the show sometime, and of course Shiiling!

  4. Does the denis still exist? Surely.

  5. Russel's surprise imitation had me laughing pretty hard. This was a funny, enjoyable show.

  6. Thanks for another show guys. It's my companion to and from work. And it's always nice to hear Jeff again. It's awesome when he goes for the throat.

  7. It was a great show, thank you guys (Lynnea included :)

  8. Good show. Only complaint is that Lynnea didn't get a chance to finish her definition of psychopathy. As a high-functioning psychopath, I like to try to educate the public and counteract the absurd definitions ususally given in tv and movies.

  9. Okay, I realize no one knows this and it's way after the fact but... Martin and Russell? I get you two confused a lot. You sound the same to me most of the time. Sorry.

    The reason I say this is because I accidentally attributed the first guerrilla Non Prophets to Martin, when it was Russell and Lynnea who did it. So sorry about the confusion (that no one but me knew or cared about) and thanks for the unofficial shows to hold us over. They were fun.


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