Monday, June 15, 2009


Imagine me in a scene from a bad movie, on my knees, in a rainstorm, reaching up to the skies and screaming the above, and you'll have an idea of my often melodramatic reaction to some of the totally jacked up, hallucinatory theist email we get. Including this, which came to us in the ever-popular Multicolored Multifont Format. Seriously, if this one's a Poe, somebody has way too much time on his hands to spend fucking with us (and the site it plugs is real enough).

War And Famine Coming To America!
Recent Prophecy Revealing The Identity of The Antichrist Is Also Included With This Bulletin!

Numerous prophets have issued grave judgment warnings for America. Linda Newkirk is one among many, sounding the alarm. See the foot of this bulletin for further information. Visit to learn the truth of Rev. 12!
As you will learn in this bulletin, warnings from Gods 'true' prophets are stern, no-nonsense, and very sobering. Many in the church will tell you that God no longer speaks through prophets, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, He does not change. We were not warned to reject all prophets, just the false ones. If God did not speak through prophets there would be no Holy Bible.
Jesus warned that He was coming back with a sword! He also said He was coming back as a Lion, not as a Lamb! Make no mistake about it, what we now face is referred to in scripture, as 'The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord'
I have been given many divine revelations confirming 'time and again' the prophecies and revelations of Linda Newkirk. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK on the Antichrist prophecies. Background information to help confirm these revelations is widely available in the alternative media. The truth of this prophecy also becomes more obvious by the day. Many of those who shook their heads when these revelations were released last fall are no longer doing so.
Mark Brander

It goes on from there.

I mean, really goes on.

You'll never guess who the Antichrist is.


  1. Have you looked at their photos ?

    Descriptive text:
    "I keep digging out implants and they keep putting them back. 'They' being the doctors
    in the U.S. Navy tech ships, or "saucers".

    Actual size, of most implants, is a few mm, 2mm - 4mm approximately.

    These are a few of the many implants taken from my body by me and the Blessed Angel!

    Tiny torture implants! I dug these out of my hands,
    mostly in and around the joints. The Satanists send
    electrical currents into these implants for torture!"

    poe? very open-minded? mental?

    you decide.

  2. On that topic, my friend and I were debating whether the new V series is going to be anti-Obama propaganda. Thoughts anyone?

  3. Ah, the Pope is working on bringing the Russian Mafia into power over Florida, so that Communism will win, because he has secret and undoubtedly nefarious plans hatching.

    The Illuminati tried to kill Bush (by making him fall in the White House apparently). Why centuries of expertise and planning in lieu with the Evil Empire of China (or something) resulted in a botched assassination (with an unpoisonous pretzel?), prophet Linda does not tell.

    NASA is training children, using mind control, to communicate in hieroglyphs with extraterrestrial aliens. The children were drugged and then spun on a table.

    I could go on... but then I realized all of this could just be you know, made up as she went along. But then I had a revelation - she must certainly be a credible prophet if she can properly integrate something about quantum. Lo and behold:
    "Recently much evidence has surfaced indicating that the base and the subterranean facilities were and still are used for a tremendous amount of top secret, ultra-classified research and experimentation (much of which falls under the umbrella of the code-named Phoenix Project) in quantum and particle physics (black hole simulation), super-powerful electrical fields, weather control, psychotronics (interfacing mind and machine), genetics, particle beam technology, and electronic and drug- based mind control."

    Note: MUCH evidence has SURFACED
    I mean, how can you still deny it? especially as it was published at this tremendously credible site. Just scroll down and look at the woman's picture. Is that someone you wouldn't believe is in the know about quantum?

  4. I didn't check the site, or the comments... is the Antichrist going to be Barack Obama?

    Oh... Yeah, I checked the site. Obama is the Antichrist. Deduct points for lack of originality!

  5. "Just scroll down and look at the woman's picture. Is that someone you wouldn't believe is in the know about quantum?"

    Even being completely aware of the gargantuan fallacy in your argument........ Yeah i totally fucken get ya felix :-)

  6. It's Susan Boyle isn't it....

  7. I plowed through the web site in order to see the "fulfilled prophesies." Sadly, although promised, there are none. But I did find this gem:

    "Someone climbed out of the last plastic picture holder. He wore cowboy boots and saddle pants with jeans. I followed his feet as he climbed a ladder by the wall. He kept climbing up the ladder until he stood on the wall. 'Who is this man,' I said.
    Then, I saw him pull off his cowboy hat. He stood there on The Great Wall of China waving his hat back and forth and smiling. It was Bill Clinton."

    That does it, I'm converted!

  8. Let me guess. The Antichrist is...

    YOU, Martin! Thou standeth unmasked, fiend!

  9. Hasn't every President been considered the AntiJeebus? And why American presidents? I thought the AntiJeebus was supposed to come from Europe, or there abouts?

  10. I think the anti-Christ will turn out to be Rhology. After all, who would suspect him?

  11. "Hasn't every President been considered the AntiJeebus? And why American presidents? I thought the AntiJeebus was supposed to come from Europe, or there abouts?"

    Except W, he was worshiped.

  12. Ing,
    googling gave me one site on the front page that at least recapitulated that another author did believe it.
    But, antichrist or not, he certainly is a satanist! (insert oneeleven here)

  13. linkscrew:

  14. felix,
    The appearance of the 'implants' in those pictures and their described location can lead only to one conclusion, Linda has been picking her nose and photographing the product of said activity.

  15. So, Obama's supported by nazis, communists, catholics, jews, philosophers/scientists of the enlightenment and british royalty?

    Does anyone else see the blatant contradiction of ideologies here, or is it just me?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Damn! I thought they'd at least be a little creative and claim that Pope Beenadick is the antichrist.


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