Saturday, February 21, 2009

They do homophobia bigger in Utah!

If you haven't seen this delirious anti-gay ad that recently ran in the Salt Lake City paper, placed by, one of those patriotism-is-the-last-refuge-of-scoundrels Christian hate groups, you haven't lived. I don't know what's funnier here. Just basking in the raving paranoia and idiocy (seriously, people, if you really believe your own marriages will be devalued by letting gay couples marry, then your marriages aren't worth shit to begin with); trying to count the misspellings and number of fonts used; or simply having a chuckle over the we-didn't-catch-the-irony use of such words as "backdoor".

Enjoy. And, uh, think of the children.

But there's more. Here's an example of thermostupid right from their website, copied as written, without editing or corrections.

They are using intimadation to gain ground and are lying to the public, ALL THEY WANT IS MARRIAGE RIGHTS to valdite their relationship of the same-sex!!! THEY ALREADY HAVE THE RIGHT to Marry, a gay man can marry a gay woman!

Comedy frickin' gold!


  1. I know there are people this stupid but every time I'm confronted with an example I'm still taken aback. I think the best part was where they take some quote that was supposedly an address presented to the House of Representatives about the homosexual agenda. Does anyone happen to know what that is actually from. If someone did actually stand up in the House and say that they are great satirists, but I'm seriously doubting that it ever happened. Perhaps their source is Drudge?

  2. Love the fact that they're explicitly complaining that they can't discriminate:

    "Once anti-discrimination laws are passed..."

    Also, about a third of the way down we have: "...lawmakers were criticized that they did not separate Church and state, and now Equality Utah is preposterously using the church to coerce lawmakers..."

    Then at the bottom: "Overwhelmingly, the gay agenda is liberal, godless, and very outspoken...Moreover they are intolerant and do not emulate any Christian Ethics."

  3. I don't know what's more offensive, the homophobia or the use of fonts. You shouldn't be mixing san-serif fonts on the same page let alone in the same sentence.

  4. Are they implying something with the picture of an interracial gay couple? Homophobia might not be the only feeling they are trying to fuel. I wonder who took the picture and who did they use as models.

  5. Wow. I simply can't formulate into words.... wow!

    The sad thing is that it is not a brilliant satirical piece but the firm beliefs of some very unhinged people.

    I love the way they have misquoted a satircal piece called "The Homosexuals Declaration of War.


  6. Drat! I guess they finally figured us out...

    But seriously... these people are not well... this kind of paranoia...

  7. You know, Missouri banned gay marriage, and yet mine still ended.

    Anyway, this is sad, and very, very maddening. The only thing that keeps me laughing instead of crying is that in the end, we will win. Just like every civil rights case, the one fighting for their rights always wins. It's just a long, hard road to get there.

  8. My favorite argument is "of course can get married, just not to the person they choose."

    So if the homophobes were told THEY could get married, but that WE would choose who they could marry, they'd be okay with that? "Well, at least I still have the right to marry!"

  9. In addition to the content being difficult to absorb, the page is a headache-inducing eyesore! Yuck. I'm convinced that far-right Christians are graphically challenged and colorblind.

  10. This is my new favorite thing in life! This is too funny to be real. It can't be real, can it?

    What's sad is that some readers will actually buy this crap...too much.

  11. I'm glad they remembered to make it very clear that this is not about hate or civil rights. I do wonder what it IS about though.

  12. They need to learn some basic design principles.

    MY POINT ISN'T STRONGER BECAUSE MY CAPS IS ON. THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS. Especially in a newspaper. I wonder how many read this with their morning coffee, and decided, "You know what? I do hate gays." That number is probably a lot smaller than those that decided that this collection of "patriots" is a masquerading band of lying gaycists.

    I love that word. Gaycist.

  13. @Ryan
    Moreover they are intolerant and do not emulate any Christian Ethics

    If that means that I don't endorse Genocide, infanticide, slavery, hatred, homophobia, racism or anti-semitism, then :
    I plead guilty to that accusation.

  14. Three things:

    1. America is finished. The Europeans are right to laugh at us. This is a nation of frikkin' imbeciles.

    2. Mismatching of fonts: agreed. Fundies and right wing nut jobs have no sense of aesthetics. High art is a print of dogs playing poker.

    3. Backdoor. Heh, heh! "It's funny 'cause it's ironic!" [/Homer]


    Reminds me of the scene in A Few Good Men, when Demi Moore's character says "I object" to some point made by the prosecution, and the judge overrules her, so she then says "I strenuously object!"

  16. It seems to me that the dilution of marriage argument basically boils down to:

    A). We take marriage seriously. That's the only thing keeping us from <insert crazy slippery slope statement here>...
    B). Gays are not capable of having loving relationships, so letting them get married is like letting dogs and cats marry.
    C). If we allow homosexuals to get married, it will all turn into one big joke...

    Am I reading too much into the argument? This is basically what it sounds like to me. If clarified to that point, people who are sitting on the fence may see it for the homophobia it is.

  17. I'm deeply offended by their endorsement of same serif fonts marrying. Everyone knows that's an abomination, and to have this forced upon us is deeply disturbing.

    For example: by having multiple same serif fonts kerning with abandon on a public page in a family paper, is forcing the acceptance of such behavior equal to a traditional font relationship.

    Poor designers should be forced not to display their reckless layout conduct to our children as role models in schools, as school teachers and principals, in our streets, shopping centers, and in our lives. This is what they want: to Force good willed, responsible citizens of taste to accept their fontological conduct as Natural behavior; to force an entire society to endorse, promote, and tamper with our children's aesthetic identity. We should not be forced to associate and to accept fontological abominations.

    DO NOT BE FOOLED BY The Common Font Initiative.

  18. I'm deeply offended by their endorsement of same serif fonts marrying... We should not be forced to associate and to accept fontological abominations.

    Now THAT'S funny!

  19. My favorite part is their claim that homosexuals are asking for special rights above and beyond the right that heterosexuals have to marry a member of the opposite sex.

    It's crap on its face, but it becomes really silly when they trot out "THEY ALREADY HAVE THE RIGHT to Marry, a gay man can marry a gay woman!"

    Okay, so if the current setup allows everyone equal rights to marry someone of the opposite sex, and that is equal and suitable, it therefore follows that changing the setup to allow everyone equal rights to marry a member of either sex is also equal. The laws don't exclude straight people from same-sex marriages, just like today's laws don't exclude gay people from opposite-sex marriages.

    It's not like the justice of the peace would say to a pair of men getting married "Wait...Are you two really gay? Cause if you're not, you don't have the right to be married to each other. You're gonna have to prove that you're actually gay." Legalizing same sex marriage would extend the same right to form a martial union with a member of your sex to both homosexuals and heterosexuals. No special rights involved.

    Do you, a straight Christian man, want to marry that other dude? Go right ahead, kind sir, you are fully within your rights to do so, just like a gay man can marry another gay man. Equally extended marriage rights across the board.

    Of course, it's not a right the homophobes want to exercise, so therefore it's a "special" right that only those awful fags and dykes will have.

    Kind of like how homosexuals don't want to exercise their right to male-female marriages...But that is somehow not a "special" right.

    These people are fucking ridiculous.


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